Living Whole - Bringing Ourselves to Life
An Incarnational Spirituality Approach

A living laboratory to explore partnership with the subtle fields of ourselves, of earth and of spirit

We are as much subtle beings as we are physical ones.
We inhabit both physical and non-physical ecologies.
Learning to be conscious of both and able to creatively engage with both opens the door to restoring wholeness to our world.

David Spangler

Back in the 60s, the emerging Findhorn Community began experimenting with a new partnership: a collaboration between humanity, nature, spirit and the subtle worlds based in relationships of honour and respect. Practising this partnership in all aspects of daily life became a way of grounding spirituality and creating greater wholeness in both our individual and collective lives.

Over the years, this experiment has evolved and expanded, and for the past few years the Findhorn Foundation, the Lorian Association and David Spangler have been working together to deepen and explore the practical skills at the heart of this transformative relationship between different dimensions of life. As a part of this exploration we are offering two week-long 'laboratories' that open different doorways into the field of collaborative partnership. We will explore principles and practices that can bring these partnerships to life in the specifics of our daily lives, and help restore pathways of wholeness in ourselves and our world.

In these weeks we will explore a range of experiences foundational to living whole. We will affirm and value the unique contribution we each bring, and practice standing in the fullness of who we are as incarnate beings. We will recognise how we consistently move in the subtle fields of earth and spirit, and learn to refine our skills of perception and pathways of connection to these subtle fields. We will develop habits and practices of conscious, collaborative relationship, and expand our capacity to partner with the life in everything.

We are each fractals of a sacred whole, giving expression to the body and soul of Humanity and of Gaia. What we dare to discover about ourselves opens new possibilities to reframe our relationships with ourselves, each other, the sacred, the subtle worlds, and the earth. Through our willingness to embody these possibilities a new collaborative future can emerge.

Come and join us for a week or more if you:

  • are serious about opening to new possibilities for wholeness within yourself and your life
  • are interested in engaging with the subtle fields of life in purposeful, grounded and effective ways
  • want to bring your full capacities and contribution into the world
  • choose to become a more active citizen of Gaia
  • want to learn what it means to live in partnership with the life in everything

Each week will focus on a particular theme, and may be taken individually or together.

Week 1
14–20 March 2015
Living the Principles of Manifestation

Learn to craft synchronicity in your life, and work with the invisible underlying order of interconnectedness in the world. Bring yourself - your energy, needs, dreams and commitments - into deeper relationship with the flow of life around you. Partner with the subtle life of the world, and expand your capacity to work with the creative energies of earth and spirit to shape your life in positive directions.

For more information and to book this module, see here.

Week 2
21–27 March 2015
Self, Sacred and the World: Engaged Activism

Explore the fullness of yourself as both a physical and subtle being. Learn to use your own subtle energy field - your own presence - in relationship with subtle and spiritual forces of the planet to promote wholeness, healing and transformation. Engage energetic practices that allow you to influence and bless our world on a number of different levels. Expand how you make a difference in the energetic wholeness of your own and our collective life. Includes a specially designed day-long version of the Transformation Game®.

For more information and to book this module, see here.

Tiered price for stand-alone week: £970 / £720 / £590

Tiered price for follow-on week: £890 / £660 / £490