Nature Connection: A way for sustainability development

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Isabella Guerrini & Inga Ongaro

22–28 August 2015

What is Nature? Are we aware that we are part of it? Are human beings dealing with a sustainable Nature? How should we perceive Nature and what is a good relationship between humanity and nature?

Should we be confident that ancient and modern knowledge and skills would increase in such ways as to lessen humanity's reliance on nature despite our increasing economic activity and growing numbers? Is the growing gap between the world's rich and world's poor in their reliance on natural resources a consequence of those growths?

There should be no question that humanity urgently needs to redirect our relationship with Nature so as to promote a sustainable pattern of economic and social development. Rio+20 Summit on biodiversity preservation was convened to provide a resolution to the problems humanity faces in our interchanges with Nature. It is hard to explain why so much of the social sciences in the 20th century have been detached from the environmental sciences. Nature is all too often seen as a backdrop from which resources and services can be drawn in isolation. Macroeconomic forecasts routinely exclude natural capital. Accounting for Nature, if it comes into the calculus at all, is usually an afterthought. There was no collective endeavour between natural and social scientists. That is why we are proposing a joint PAS-PASS workshop on Nature Connection.

We may be surprised to discover how Nature inspires us with the deep impact it has in our lives. We will enjoy guided practices, learning sustainable development by making practical systemic work-exercises in the surrounding environment, in the magic and supporting context of the Eco-village and community of Findhorn.

In this week together we will go deeper into the vital role that experiences in nature play in our lives. Our idea is not to catalogue environmental problems. We propose instead to view humanity's interchanges with Nature through a triplet of fundamental, but inter-related holistic human needs - food, body and spiritual health, and energy - and ask our respective knowledge, from the roots of sustainability, to work together from the natural, the social and spiritual sciences to help us with the various pathways which serve those needs and reveal constraints on Nature's ability to meet them.

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Isabella Guerrini is a Blue Economy entrepreneur, landscape designer and advisor in sustainability development, specialising in organic agriculture. She is also an educator, workshop leader, journalist, writer and author. She has more than 15 years' experience in project management; international partnerships, non-profit collaboration, entrepreneurship; research mentorship and strategic planning. She is currently working with major well-known global leaders in sustainability.
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Inga Ongaro is an artist, successfully working among Nature and Art, in social renewal, in the spirituality of nature and in the discovery of signs of shamanism in Western civilisation. She grew up in a community in Brazil but has been living in Findhorn for the last few years, taking care of the gardens of the community. She is also a Steiner Teacher, Designer for Sustainability, and a Gaia Ecovillage Design Education trainer, part of GEESE: Global Ecovillage Educators for a sustainable Earth, Be the change facilitator - Pachamama alliance, Permaculture PDC, expert and passionate about The Work That Reconnects of Joanna Macy, and Dragon Dreaming Project Methodology of John Croft.