Jenny Mosley: Re-Energising Quality Circle Time - The Heart of Health and Wellbeing in Primary Schools

This programme is not currently scheduled.

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This course does not require previous participation in an Experience Week.

This day's workshop will enable schools to re-evaluate and re-invigorate all of the key features of Jenny Mosley's Quality Circle Time Model.

The key features are how to:

  • Value teachers' own wellbeing and morale
  • Set up three key listening systems
  • Place the Golden Rules at the heart of all we do with children and parents
  • Motivate children through Golden Time both as an incentive and as a consequence
  • Create a powerfully positive playtimes and lunchtimes policy
  • Support children beyond the normal motivational strategies through Circles of Support

The workshop will be highly active and inspirational, peppered with traditional games and activities.

Price: £55 non-residential - includes the workshop, lunch and teas only.


Jenny Mosley is the founder of the Quality Circle Time Model, originally a long serving teacher, a Masters in Education lecturer and researcher. Jenny is a prolific author and education pioneer. Her charity All Round Success explores the magic that happens when schools promote intergenerational circle time for children and older people in residential homes. Jenny's website.