Right Livelihood - Creating Meaningful Work in Challenging Times

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Satish Kumar & Jonathan Dawson

We live in extraordinary times. Rarely has so much rested on the choices, responses and contributions of one generation. How can we rise to the challenge of the moment, seeing opportunity in place of burden; call to vocation and service in place of fear and drudgery?

This week offers opportunities for meditation, reflection, pilgrimage and exploration of the role of work in today's world. We will spend time alone in nature, walking in the Scottish Highlands, studying emerging trends and opportunities in the social economy and learning from each other in our emerging explorations of meaningful work.

Tiered price (click here for more information): £875 / £665 / £535

Tiered Pricing

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Includes 5 nights accommodation and all meals.


Satish Kumar is a former Jain monk and long-term peace and environment activist. He is co-founder of Schumacher College and editor of Resurgence magazine. His autobiography, No Destination, describes the 8,000-mile pilgrimage he made on foot and without money from India to America, via Moscow, London and Paris, to deliver a humble packet of 'peace tea' to the then leaders of the world's four nuclear powers. He is also the author of You Are, Therefore I Am: A Declaration of Dependence, The Buddha and the Terrorist, and The Earth Pilgrim.


Jonathan Dawson is Head of Economics at Schumacher College. Until recently, long-term resident of the Findhorn ecovillage and a former President of the Global Ecovillage Network, he has spent 30 years working in the field of community economic development in Africa and Europe. His most recent book is Gaian Economics: Living Well Within Planetary Limits.