Love, Magic, Miracles
Conference Presentations and Workshop Details

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Marko Pogacnik:

    Gaia's Path of Self-Healing

Viewed from outside, the condition of our planet seems quite perilous. However, after three decades working in the field of holistic ecology and Earth healing, Marko Pogacnik's experience shows a more optimistic perspective: the Earth is securely following a path of self-healing based upon its transmutation to becoming a multi-dimensional planet.

How can we personally, and as groups, support the transformative process? Marko will offer his insights on what he considers "an exciting process."

Marko's Workshops:
1. How To Communicate with Elemental Beings
Elemental beings represent units of Gaia’s consciousness. How can their presence be perceived? What conditions are necessary for successful communication with elemental beings? Marko will lead the group to several places around Cluny Hills and show them how to connect with elemental beings.

2. The Cluny Hills Landscape Temple
During numerous workshops in the Findhorn area, Marko has developed a complex knowledge about the sacred dimensions of the seven Cluny Hills. During this workshop we will visit key spots in the Cluny landscape temple and Marko will explain their role within the planet's organism and guide the group towards experiencing their depth.


Thomas Moore:

    Natural Magic

In this presentation Thomas will share his knowledge of natural magic, magia naturalis, which comes from 15th century Italy, where it was hidden in painting, architecture and music, as well as used for treating maladies of the soul.

He will show that it opens up into a means of enchanting the world and your life, penetrating through the cool, technical imagination of life that informs most of modern society. Interestingly, the Renaissance magus said that this magic is linked closely to love (eros), cosmic and personal, and is the proper way to live a soulful life.

As well as teaching the Renaissance theory of magic, he will also show how to put it into practice in our own lives. It includes the proper timing of our actions, having a poetic and symbolic point of view, and the use of astrological, alchemical and other occult methods.

His favourite method is the scrying obsidian mirror, which has many lessons to teach about being in the world in a way far different from the modern lifestyle. In his adaptation of magia naturalis he also includes a magical view of the arts and a regular practice of dream guidance.

Thomas' workshops:
1. Lessons from an Obsidian Mirror - The Spirituality of Jesus
Thomas will introduce the scrying mirror and show how to use it. He will also explore lessons to be learned from the mirror about being in the world as a magus.

This workshop will focus on a magical rather than a rationalistic way of life. It will explore the use of dreams, the arts, deep intuition, prophecy and simple trance as ways of living more deeply, more in touch with the defining currents of life.

2. The Spirituality of Jesus.
This workshop comes from his recent book Writing in the Sand: Jesus and the Soul of the Gospels. It offers a fresh view of what Jesus was all about - nothing to do with religion but a new way of being in the world. His work involves new translations of key words and a view of Jesus' stories and teachings as all focused on the new world or kingdom he spells out.

This is a Jesus spirituality especially for those who have abandoned Christianity or have little or no interest in it. Thomas treats the Gospels as being completely separate from Christianity, though he preserves what he considers the best in Christian tradition as well. He has made a new translation from Greek of the New Testament Gospels and will use these for this workshop.


Andrew Harvey:

    Love in Action

Drawing on his book The Hope, Andrew will unveil his vision of Sacred Activism. Sacred Activism is a fusion of mystical knowledge, peace and passion with clear, wise, urgent action in every area of the world.

Andrew Harvey believes that the fusion of the passion for God and the passion for justice creates an evolutionary force of love in action that can help us all to not only transform our current crisis but evolve into divine humanity.

Andrew will discuss the five forms of service that are necessary to become a sacred activist, the seven laws that he has distilled from the world's mystical traditions that govern the wise use of sacred activism, and pay special attention to the four kinds of sacred practice that he recommends to all sacred activists, to help them build a holistic spiritual container that can be strong enough to withstand the inevitable stresses and pressures.

His aim is that you will leave with a comprehensive understanding of what Sacred Activism is and with practical tools to help you put it into immediate practice in your everyday life.

Andrew's workshops:
1. The Rumi Renaissance
The explosion of Rumi's mystical vision in the west is a crucial event in our human revolution. Andrew Harvey will present his vision of why Rumi's message of divine love is so essential to the world at this moment when we need to meet our evolutionary world crisis with a commitment to enact sacred consciousness in sacred action on every level of the world.

2. Son of Man - Consciousness and the Transformation of the World
Based on extensive historical research and 25 years of study of Gnostic gospels and Christian mystical tradition, Andrew Harvey will describe a more inclusive image than the Christ of the traditional Church; he will present a vision of Jesus as Son of Man, as humanity's supreme mystical revolutionary and Sacred Activist.


Jay Ramsay:

    Poetry and the Greater Love

With poems from the Sacred Tradition, Jay will speak about the path of the poet and his own journey to Love through poetry as mystical experience and heart initiation; spanning 30 years of writing and performing, from Angels of Fire in London in the mid 80s, to his collaboration with artist-musician Herewood Gabriel and the recording of their new album Strange Sun.

Jay and Herewood will also perform some of Jay's own poetry including work specially selected for this conference, with Herewood playing Indian flute, ballaphon, djembe and rainstick.

Jay’s workshop:
Moving from Fear to Love
Moving from Fear to Love is the key movement of challenge of our time in looking at our capacity to love - and what separates us from it. Jay will be facilitating a process that allows us to consider this in a series of stages, both experientially and interactively with each other: which will include, fear, shadow, truth connecting/meeting, and of course freedom, because without freedom there can be no unconditional Love: the thing itself.

He will also be drawing on his new book Crucible of Love - The alchemy of passionate relationships (O Books, 2012) in relationship to couples and intimacy seen through the lens of the alchemical process in all its inclusive wisdom.


John Philip Newell:

    Love Force - The Greening Power of the Soul

As never before in the history of humanity, we are becoming aware of our inter-relatedness. We are beginning to comprehend that what we do to other species is what we do to ourselves. We are beginning to perceive that what we do to other nations and peoples is what we do to our own soul.

The question is whether we will choose to translate this emerging consciousness into transformative action. Our greatest energy for change is deep within us. It is our capacity for love. But how do we access it?

John Philip Newell will explore humanity's capacity for wonder-working by drawing on what Hildegard of Bingen calls "the greening power of the soul", our ability to grow new beginnings in our lives and world through love.

John Philip's workshop:
The Celtic World of the Imagination
This workshop will consist of presentation, meditation, holy imagining and sharing.

In the Celtic world the imagination was celebrated as a faculty of knowing and as a force for change. To see the oneness of the universe and the image of the divine at the heart of all things is to practice holy imagining. It is to open our eyes to the sacredness and inter-relatedness of the universe.


Barbara Swetina:

    The Magic of Music

God is love, God is within, turn within!

Dorothy Maclean

Since the beginning of time, Sacred Music, Song and Dance have helped people to turn within, providing pathways to the inner sanctuary of the heart. In this experiential session Barbara will use the magic of sound, song and dance to connect us to our own inner centre, with each other and to the Kingdom within.

Barbara’s workshop:
Pathways into the Heart
In this participatory workshop Barbara will use sacred phrases from various spiritual traditions to open windows into the presence of the Beloved, Source, God, or whatever name we give the One reality. When we find ourselves in that place of surrender, all our needs are met and love, magic and miracles become our reality.


Robert Holden:

    Loveability - To Know How To Love and Be Loved

Love is the purpose of your life. And the more you learn to love, the better your life gets.

Robert Holden PhD

Robert believes that to know how to love and to be loved is the “great miracle” that helps you to live a life you love. The simple maths of love is: the more you love, the happier you feel; the more you love, the healthier you are, the more you love, the more successful you at everything! Conversely, not loving enough is the root cause of every problem and conflict in your life and on our planet. In sum, your life works when you love; and it doesn't when you don't!

In this presentation Robert will share key themes and principles from his three-day course called Loveability. He will explore 1) healing our relationship to love; 2) the miracle of Self-Acceptance; 3) the meaning of "I love you"; 4) the miracle of forgiveness; and 5) why love really is the only sane and satisfactory answer to human existence.

Robert's workshops:
1. Love and A Course in Miracles

Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.

A Course in Miracles

Robert describes A Course in Miracles as a love letter written from the soul to the ego. Robert has been a student of The Course for 18 years. In this practical workshop he shares the philosophy of love that is presented in the Course. Together you will explore some of the meditations, prayers, daily lessons and miracle-principles that are at the heart of this beautiful book. No previous knowledge or experience of The Course is necessary.

2. Love and The Enneagram

The Enneagram is the most powerful system I know for releasing inner blocks to love, happiness and success.

Robert Holden PhD

The Enneagram is the oldest self-awareness tool on our planet, dating back 2,500 years. It identifies nine basic personality types - and also nine holy meditations - that help you to understand yourself and others better, and to enjoy more loving relationships in your life.

In this practical workshop, Robert explores themes and principles from his popular three-day programme on Love and the Enneagram.

Please Note: Knowing your Enneagram Type is helpful, but not essential, for you to benefit from this workshop.