Findhorn Co-Ability Week
For adults with learning disabilities

This programme is not currently scheduled.

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Bringing diverse abilities together in community

Explore, expand, honour and share the many gifts people with a learning disability offer our world on this new one-week programme developed by the Findhorn Foundation.

Findhorn Co-Ability Week is designed to enable people with a learning disability and their carers to undertake a journey that creates space for full self-expression, laughter and exploration of potential. Programme sessions invite participants to engage with community life in a way that may not be possible in the often fast-paced mainstream environment; perhaps inspiring them to take new ways of being and contributing back home. The week is underpinned by reverence for the divinity in all life and space is held for participants to explore connection to spirit in their own way in each moment.

Fantastic. I couldn’t have asked for better focalisers (programme coordinators) and really enjoyed the range of experiences.

Previous participant (carer) from L’Arche UK

BuildingBridges1The Findhorn community and surrounding landscape provides a unique setting for people with a learning disability and their carers to engage with people from around the world in positive ways. With skilled staff and guests visiting on a variety of programmes, the gentle pace of life here enables people with a learning disability to touch the hearts of those who may not normally come in contact with the many gifts they have to offer. In this way, Findhorn Co-Ability Week seeks to help create a world of peaceful and loving relationships that celebrate the unique gifts, abilities and contributions of people with a learning disability.

The cost of this programme is based on each participant's self-assessed ability to pay. For more information please complete and submit an application form or email with a daytime contact telephone number.

Please note this is a residential programme including accommodation and all meals for both the participant and their carer.

To read the Participant Criteria and complete an Application Form, please click here.