Manifesting Your Inspiration

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Markus Hirzig & Nadasree Georgete Gadas

To learn to read and work (and even play!) at subtle levels within the body is to experience life more directly and creatively as an inner and outer expression of divinity. Through the body we learn to reconnect to our inner experience and to act in life from this place. Life flows through us more spontaneously and our decisions and clarity come from a more integrated and inspiring place.

Many of us feel divinely inspired. How many are able to root our inspiration in the world and water it in a way that most helps it to grow? Or do we refuse to realise our best inspirations - not grounding them in life, sabotaging our best efforts?

We will bring awareness to the ways in which the universe talks to us and to how we receive its inspirations more openly. We will explore the energetic, mental, emotional and physical aspects and expression of inspiration and follow these into manifestation, noticing how we often live in ways less than divinely inspired and how this shows as symptoms and resistance in our lives.

We will open the core channel to set free the space between inspiration and our rooting of it in the world, discovering that we can become clearer spaces in which inspiration is ever more powerful in human form.

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Includes 7 nights accommodation and all meals.


Markus Hirzig is a highly respected healing practitioner in Germany, where he has been Thomas Hübl's closest associate for many years, practicing his transformational work with people. Markus has 30 years' experience of bodywork and 20 years' of osteopathy and Cranio-sacral work. His deep insight and skill, along with his simple hands-on exercises, wisdom and humour, are well-known and appreciated.

Nadasree Georgete Gadas is a fiery Brazilian Biodanza teacher, passionate about body as expression of soul. She is enthused by transparency in relationships and the emergence of a new We.