Online Joyful Parenting Teleseminars
using The Work of Byron Katie®

This programme is not currently scheduled.

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Kathy White & Paul Snider

Do you want support as a parent but frustrated that you can't get away from work, the kids or other responsibilities to find it? Not a problem!

You can join a teleseminar where, from the comfort of your own home, from anywhere in the world, you can question all your stressful parenting concepts and beliefs, share your parenting ups and downs and turn your parenting around with a group of other like-minded parents who want to raise their children with simplicity, awareness and connection. Get help where you need it, and discover how to truly enjoy your job as a parent.

When you book please send us a letter about you and your family and any parenting issues you currently face. You can submit your letter by email to

Calls will be interactive, engaging and fun, with exercises and connection in-between on the online forum.

Each Teleseminar lasts four weeks with one call per week. Each call is 90 minutes.

Price: £95 plus the cost of the calls.

You can book for a teleseminar using the date links above on the right. Once your payment is processed you will be sent a link to complete your registration online and will then be given the phone number to call and your dial-in details. The number you will be given is a conference call service in the USA so you will need a cheap way to call the USA.

All the teleseminar calls will be recorded and made accessible for future reference. So if you miss a call for any reason, or want to listen to a specific session again, you will be able to do so. We will send you a link to each recording for future listening. The recordings will also be made available to other parents who cannot make these teleseminars live, and used for further educational purposes. For your own privacy you are invited to only share what is comfortable for you and you are invited to use a pseudonym if you feel more comfortable, to retain your anonymity.

To ensure optimal communication:
If you are using a computer to make the call we recommend you have a headset with microphone, and not rely on the internal mic and speakers on your computer. We recommend a landline with the handset wired to the base set if possible, or the capacity to stay close to the base set if you use a wireless handset, and not a mobile phone.

For anyone wishing to become a Facilitator of The Work this workshop counts for hours towards the Certification Programme of the Institute for The Work. For more details of this programme click here.

Kathy White is a certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, an HPC registered art therapist, and wife and mother of two. She works in the Spiritual and Personal Development Department of the Findhorn Foundation.
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Paul Snider is a certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, has been married and divorced twice, and has a great college age son. Decades of distressed thinking about his parents ended when he attended the School for the Work in 2004. He participates in consultant teams from Harvard Business School helping Boston area non-profit organisations.
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