The Women at Easter

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Fay Barratt

A three-day journey through the events of Easter week with the women around Jesus, for men and women of all beliefs.

The Easter journey is a complete mystic initiation taking us from exaltation through desolation to the inner knowledge of the Christ, the divine centre arising transcendent in our hearts. We will take this journey together guided by the feminine aspect of the Divine.

Informed by the inspirations of Mary Magdalene, we will seek deeper knowledge of the mystic experience that led her to be the first to see and know the risen Christ. Gospels found at Nag Hammadi and elsewhere tell us that she was the constant companion of Jesus and that she received teachings from him that were unknown by the other disciples. What of the other women disciples and Mary, mother of Jesus? They hold the key to the heart opening that begins to answer such questions as:

  • How do we hold the pure joy and light within when we can see hardship ahead
  • How do we keep faith when the world around us seems to crumble?
  • How can we stand, as at the foot of the cross, with the greatest suffering of others and be a strong, loving and useful presence?
  • How can we know that there is no death?
  • How can we look into the face of the Cosmic Risen Christ and see ourselves?
  • How do we open ourselves to the place of visions?
  • How do I become fully human, entering a state of being where masculine and feminine, spirit and matter are joined in sacred union?

We will explore all this through a sacred gathering: sharing, meditating, singing, chanting, dancing, writing, drawing and being in the fertile silence of the heart.

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Fay Barratt is an Interfaith Minister, soul-centred counsellor, painter and spiritual facilitator. She has followed the Divine Feminine path for many years offering workshops, gatherings and retreats. Her desire is to serve the emerging feminine wisdom so that the sacred marriage of the polarities can take us to a new level of being. Her experience of nine years on the faculty of the Interfaith Seminary and of her work in the creative arts brings a universal and creative energy to all she does.