Humanising Your Workplace

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Yehuda Tagar

A leadership seminar to become an agent of change in your position of managing people.

An impulse of spiritual renewal of culture reaches the ground only when it becomes accessible to everyone in their ordinary life. For personal and spiritual development to become the core agenda of many, work must become the major opportunity for spiritual development, because the workplace is where most people spend the majority of their productive time.

Seven conditions for sustainable spiritual striving in ordinary life were identified in the ancient mysteries and translated into modern individual application by Rudolf Steiner in 1904:

  • taking personal responsibility for your well being on the basis of your own intuition
  • constant striving to see the world from the others’ point of view
  • commitment to regarding your inner life as reality
  • striving to the balance between your own reality and the reality of others
  • striving to clear decision making and to acting on your decision
  • striving to the cultivation of gratitude and the culture of appreciation
  • commitment to consistency of character in the application of yourself to the world

These seven conditions form the foundation for individual spiritual development grounded in the present circumstances of your life, whatever they are. Practicing them requires no external change, only an internal one. Yet they are capable of organising your ordinary life out of a higher dimension of awareness, as the foundation for inner development. They are at the same time the conditions for an ideal membership in any community and organisation, including any workplace.

The practical application of the seven conditions of spiritual development to the workplace can indeed humanise it, as it provides a higher motivation and purpose for human initiation; making best use of the present for the cultivation of the future, from wherever you stand. It enables the constant uplifting of well-being, communication, self management, tolerance, clarity of action, positivity and consistency to any workplace. They can transform work into a noble opportunity for human development.

Using the tools of Psychophonetics - which incorporate body awareness, movement, gesture, visualisation and sounds into a holistic process of self awareness, healing and transformation - this seven day intensive offers the unique opportunity to explore the real-life challenges from your recent time at work, demonstrating the possibility of transforming such moments into opportunities for further personal and spiritual development.

Founded by Yehuda Tagar and based on Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy and Psychosophy, Psychophonetics is unique in its emphasis on a combination of conversation and action phases in counseling sessions.

Edited by Robin Steele PhD, who was trained by Yehuda Tagar, Psychophonetics - Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy offers an introduction to Psychophonetics - its background and context, an outline of its theory and methods and the structure of a typical therapy session, as well as descriptions of client experiences.

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Tiered Pricing

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Includes 7 nights accommodation and all meals.

Ordinary human work as an opportunity for an extraordinary human transformation.


Yehuda Tagar is an Australian / South African psychotherapist and the founder of Psychophonetics, workshop facilitator of Applied Psychosophy and the director and principal of Persephone College UK.