Deepening Your Presence Through the Healing Art of Esalen® Massage

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Mika Oishi

Esalen® Massage is a unique form of bodywork developed at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. Known for its long integrating strokes, this method creates an experience of deep relaxation, supporting the natural ability of body and mind to self-heal.

In this workshop we will learn how to use various stretches safely, and we will learn how to use Deep Bodywork®, created by Perry Holloman, as a method that integrates the qualities of a flowing Esalen® Massage with the therapeutic effectiveness of deep tissue work into an overall session.

We will practise these techniques in a way that protects the integrity of our own bodies while releasing and unwinding deep-seated tensions in the people we touch, allowing their tissues time to open and change.

The workshop will also serve as a refresher for basic Esalen® Massage techniques such as the long stroke, but will then explore more in depth strokes and bodywork techniques. We will support our explorations with morning practices like meditation, yoga and other movement disciplines to experience the qualities of awareness and flowing presence central to this method.

This workshop is for people with at least some experience of practising massage. Spa practitioners and therapists in particular will benefit, but non-professionals with previous massage experience are also welcome.

Tiered price (click here for more information): £970 / £720 / £590

Tiered Pricing

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Includes all programme content, 5 nights accommodation, full board and refreshments. Registration for this programme is on Monday morning 11:00am to 12:30pm, with the first session starting at 2:00pm.

Please note that all our workshops have a Findhorn Foundation community member present either as focaliser or assistant.

Mika Oishi

Mika Oishi has taught massage and bodywork around the world, including Japan, Bali and Hawaii. She is a dedicated practitioner and teacher who has studied Esalen® Massage, yoga, dance, meditation, craniosacral therapy, and Deep Bodywork (with Perry and Johanna Holloman). Her passion is teaching the wisdom of the body to students of all levels.