Network of Light

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International Holistic Centres' Gathering
12–17 May 2012

In the early 1960's, Eileen Caddy, co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation and Community, received the guidance, "You are part of a tremendous network and each member is closely linked... This is a network of light; therefore each should be linked with the others. IHCG 2012 logoLearn to feel the intertwining and intermingling of each centre until not one is left on it's own. The strength comes through the linking up of the centres."

Since the mid 1980’s, many of the world’s leading holistic learning centres have met annually to share notes, best practices, successes and challenges, and ponder the overall direction of the changes in consciousness and action to which they are dedicated.

This Gathering is an occasion when many different centres, often from different cultures, speak openly, honestly and warmly of their experiences, lessons, hopes and concerns. In this way, we deepen our sense of the worldwide movement towards holistic, spiritual and ecological awakening, and find inspiration and community in the often hard won wisdom of others.

In 2012, the Holistic Centres Gathering will be held in Europe for the first time in over a decade, and hosted by the Findhorn Foundation as part of the celebrations for its 50th year.

We will meet as peers to share knowledge and insight about new trends in holistic learning and programming, effective approaches to marketing and fundraising, wise management and decision making, and 'holding the space' for a world deeply in need of healthy change. We will also have plenty of space to build personal connections, explore the beauty of nature, and grasp more of the history and mystery of Findhorn itself.

If you work in or with a holistic centre (broadly defined as a place where learning, growth and consciousness are enhanced), we invite you to join us for this uniquely valuable experience of collective learning and support, the practical exchange of ideas and information, and the evolution of the ‘network of light’ emerging from shared values and intentions.

Together, in a heart-centred and candid atmosphere, we will exchange perspectives on the holistic vision vital for a healthy and sustainable future, and find nourishment from the joy, love and inspiration that consistently animate this Gathering.

To read co-ordinator Christine Lines' experience of the 2011 Gathering which was held in California click here.

Income related price (click here for more information): £355 / £455 / £555
Includes 5 nights accommodation and all meals.
Please note: In the spirit of community, most rooms are on a share basis. Single rooms can be requested and are subject to availability. The single room supplement is £20 per night - £100 for the 5 night Gathering.

To book the five-day Gathering please click here. We request that you submit your introductory letter at the time of booking - please scroll down for more details.


Transformation Game Extension
For those of you who would like to stay for a full week, we are offering a follow-on additional two days playing a group version of the Transformation Game® at a special discount. This is a unique opportunity for participants from the different centres to play together as a group, to explore the holistic vision and the way ahead. Integrate your experience of the Gathering during these two days and discover tools of transition. You will find more information about the Transformation Game® at Findhorn here.

Income related price (click here for more information): £495 / £595 / £695
Includes 7 nights accommodation and all meals.
Please note: In the spirit of community, most rooms are on a share basis. Single rooms can be requested and are subject to availability. The single room supplement is £20 per night - £140 for the 7 night Gathering.

To book the seven-day Gathering, including the group Transformation Game®, please click here. We request that you submit your introductory letter at the time of booking - please scroll down for more details.


Expand your Experience
If you book the seven-day Gathering and would like to explore the ethos of this unique community more deeply, you can participate in the Essential Findhorn programme Experience Week for the week preceding this event, i.e. 5th May. If you do so you will receive a discount of £100 on the published prices of the Experience Week which will be applied at the time of full payment. To book this Experience Week please click here. Please make sure you advise our Bookings Department that you are attending both events by emailing them at

Introductory letter:
When you apply for the Gathering please email us an introductory letter telling us about yourself and your inspiration to attend. Please include background information about the holistic centre you represent, your associated role, if you have attended previous Gatherings, and any particular topics you are interested in exploring. We request that you submit your letter via email to the co-ordinator

This introductory letter is your first step into the spirit of the Gathering and helps the co-ordinator prepare the programme. We will treat your letter as confidential and respond to you personally to confirm your place.

Please note that the Gathering will be limited in numbers to ensure the most engaging experience for all participants and we encourage you to book early.

Further Information
To assist with your travel arrangements please click here for details on how to get to Findhorn.

If you are travelling long distance and require pre-Gathering accommodation please click here for details of the local Bed & Breakfast options. If you would like to extend your stay without playing the Game of Transformation please arrange your own accommodation.

Financial Assistance
If you are interested in attending the Gathering and have limited financial resources please write to us and request a bursary. Limited support is available to make this event accessible to as many people in as many countries as possible.

Please note:
We request that you arrive for registration between 11:00am and 12:00pm on Saturday 12th May.

If you book the five-day Gathering it is scheduled to end at 10:30am on Thursday 17th May. If you book the seven-day Gathering it is scheduled to end at 9:00am on Saturday 19th May. Please make your travel arrangements to fit in with these times if possible.

For further information about this Gathering you can contact the co-ordinator Christine Lines at

The Gathering is a meeting of peers from different centres who co-create the unfolding of this event. The following participants are helping to organise the details, however it is an experience created and presented by the whole group.

Christine Lines IHCG 2012

Christine Lines is a co-worker in the Findhorn Foundation and the co-ordinator of the 2012 Gathering. She has attended the Gathering for the past two years, held in Hawaii and California. Previously the Retreats Manager of the Byron Yoga Centre in Australia, she is passionate about exploring the interconnectedness of the world community.

John Willoner

John Willoner has a long association with the Findhorn Foundation where he currently works as the Conference and Events Co-ordinator. He began his close involvement with the community in 1967 and brings his experience of the early years and friendship with the three co-founders to his role as Co-focaliser of the 2012 Gathering. He has a passion for the richness of community and learning from one another.

Ralph White IHCG 2012-2

Ralph White is Co-Founder and Creative Director of the New York Open Centre. He writes and teaches on consciousness and culture, and has been close to the heart of three major holistic centres. Ralph has led international conferences on the Western esoteric tradition for 15 years and has attended every Gathering since inception.

Tom Robinson IHCG 2012Tom Robinson is the Marketing and Programmes Director for Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat and Conference Centre. He cherishes the friendships, inspiration and knowledge that have come from attending the last six Gatherings and is committed to bringing more Centres into this nourishing network.