Passing Over - Creating a Graceful Death and Transfer of Consciousness

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William Bloom

Just as we need to understand how to live, so we also need to know how to die.

This day explains and demonstrates the core strategies for creating and supporting a graceful transfer of consciousness at death. The approach will be relevant to anyone wanting to prepare for their own passing or to support someone else. It is also for professional carers seeking a practical spiritual approach. It will help people too who want to bring healing to an incomplete and past encounter with someone's death.

The day draws on the classical practices of the Tibetan, Celtic and Egyptian books of the dead, but it requires no formal religious belief. It also incorporates important aspects of humanistic psychology, so that carers can be both spiritually effective and emotionally appropriate.

Findhorn Foundation co-founder Eileen Caddy took this workshop with William in order to help her prepare for her own passing.

William has been working with these strategies since his own severe illness and near-death experiences in the 1970s.

£120 includes 1 night's accommodation and all meals for the day. This residential option is only available if booked as a follow-on from attending the Into Christ Consciousness event.

To attend this event only:
£85 includes 1 day workshop plus lunch (but not accommodation).


William Bloom is an author, workshop leader and activist in the field of modern spirituality and holistic wellbeing. He has a long association with the Findhorn Foundation and aligns his work with the energy of the Cosmic Christ.