Cultivating Trust: Feeling Held By Grace In A World Of Change

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This course does not require previous participation in an Experience Week.

Miranda Macpherson

The spiritual path is a continuous invitation to change and transformation, asking us to open through the unknown so we discover more of who we truly are independent of conditions. Deep trust gives us the courage to fully be with all that life presents without closing down. It is the key quality that supports our spiritual awakening, loving relationships and the capacity to birth our gifts into the world.

How do we trust in a world of constant change? Tsunamis? The unexpected? What can we truly trust and build our lives upon?

This workshop offers a sacred space to explore:

  • What inhibits our capacity to trust and feel held
  • Why we learned to mis-trust
  • Opening to boundless love with our whole being
  • Meeting the unknown with a spirit of adventure
  • Relaxing into life

In a tangible atmosphere of unconditional love, Miranda will guide you through this most important theme via embodied self-inquiry, guided meditations, and devotional and sensing practices. The workshop is very experiential and includes new teachings and practices, with some chair-work and open space.

This is a completely new workshop offered by Miranda and is having its first appearance here at Findhorn.

Income related price (click here for more information): £295 / £395 / £495
Includes 3 nights accommodation and all meals.

Miranda Macpherson is known for her depth of Presence and refined capacity to guide people into direct spiritual experience. Miranda teaches a powerful synthesis of embodied self-inquiry, meditation and devotional practices which encourage more substantial access to grace. Hers is an integrated and feminine approach to non-dual awakening arising out of her own unfolding and study into the world's spiritual traditions. Miranda is author of Boundless Love, founder of the Interfaith Seminary, and spiritual director of the Feminine Wisdom School in California.
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