Into Christ Consciousness

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Co-creating our emerging future

7 - 10 April 2012

***** Open Evening *****

Monday 9th April, 7:45pm

Internationally renowned author and teacher Matthew Fox, one of our event's featured presenters, will be giving a talk on the Monday evening, which is included in the programme for event participants but will also be open to the public. Please click here for details on how to book to attend only this evening talk.

Into Christ Consciousness

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In Findhorn's 50th birthday year we invite you to join our co-creative Easter Gathering in the transformative field of consciousness emerging at this time, calling us to expand into the greater reality that has always been there and take a further step beyond fear and into Love.

Down the ages, mystics of the world's spiritual traditions have awakened to this reality and now quantum scientists are re-discovering that there is a greater whole beyond our sense-bound perception. Human consciousness is evolving, and the process is speeding up - towards the realisation that there are no boundaries in Love, for what one is, all are. This reality calls us to birth and embody our inner divinity and, in so doing, embrace our universal humanity. This is Christ Consciousness.

The breaking down of the old - marked by the challenges of our time - calls forth the breaking through of the new. For fifty years the Findhorn Community has been a grassroots movement inspiring us to awaken to the divinity within, and live and work in conscious co-creation with nature. Eileen Caddy, one of our three co-founders, has been seen by many as a mystic who recognised her Christhood and sought to express it through practising unconditional love.

This Gathering is an integral part of an emerging process. Organisations actively supporting it include CANA (Christians Awakening to a New Awareness), the Wrekin Trust, Contemplative Fire and Friends of Iona. CANA and the Wrekin Trust are collaborating with the Findhorn Foundation in creating an interactive website for exploration, Into Christ Consciousness. Offering features, resources and a mailing list, the site aims to support people in linking with others on a similar journey. We offer the Gathering as an event in which we join to work actively, both for the transformation of our own consciousness, and in service to the whole. All who come are contributors.


Detail of artwork by Angela White

Key themes include:
  • the evolution of consciousness
  • the active power of compassionate love -
    stepping beyond fear
  • the inter-connectedness of all being, from cells
    to stars
  • multi-dimensionality
  • living from the level of soul
  • owning the shadow and embracing difference
  • the feminine face of the Divine
  • active engagement in the magic of life's flow

Tiered price (click here for more information): £395 / £495 / £595

Tiered Pricing

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Includes 4 nights accommodation and all meals.

Please note:
Due to the popularity of all the programmes running during this week, residential accommodation for this event is no longer available. Participation is still welcomed (and will include lunch, dinner and teas) but you will need to find your own accommodation. There will be a discount of £60 on the above prices to attend this event non-residentially. Please click here for a list of local Bed and Breakfast Guest Houses.

Join us in creating a group chalice. This will be a gathering created by group-synergy, not in the usual conference format. Participating together in silence and meditation, ceremonies of song and story, poetry and dance, in personal sharing, in exploration and in practical discussion, we join to open a channel for a consciousness that can meet a changing world with compassion and creativity.

To become a Universal Human is to evolve consciously, choosing a path of development that has never been mapped before in a world that has never existed before.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

For those of you who may feel inspired to stay on after this event, three co-conveners will each be offering follow-on workshops:

  • Julia MacDonald will be holding a three-day workshop Tools for the Journey. For more information on this event and to book please click here.
  • William Bloom is offering a one-day workshop Passing Over - Creating a Graceful Death and Transfer of Consciousness. For more information on this event and to book please click here.
  • And Fay Barratt will host a three-day journey, for both men and women, through the feminine aspect of the events of Easter, entitled The Women at Easter. For more information on this event and to book please click here.

At this event:


William Bloom is an author, educator and activist in the field of modern spirituality and holistic wellbeing. He has a long association with the Findhorn Foundation and aligns his work with the energy of the Cosmic Christ.


Fionntulach is head of the Order of Céile Dé (the Servants or Spouses of God) based in Scotland. Her time is divided between leading a contemplative life and travelling the world teaching the tradition, which she describes as "a glorious blend of Celtic reverence for Nature and Christ Consciousness - the transformative power of Love."

Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox, author of 30 books including the ground-breaking Original Blessing, is one of the foremost Creation Spirituality teachers of our time. In 1976 as a Dominican he opened the Institute of Culture and Creation Spirituality in Chicago where his programmes included art as meditation and body prayer. Fox's views diverged from Catholic orthodoxy – he called God 'Mother,' and refused to condemn homosexuality – and he was expelled from the Dominicans in 1993. He was received the next year into the Episcopal Church of the USA.


Jeddah Mali, after a childhood in which she experienced dimensions of existence beyond everyday consciousness, and a twenty-year long journey with some of Asia's most advanced masters, has emerged as a spiritual teacher dedicated to enabling others to operate in a unified field. Jeddah works with individuals, groups and organisations to establish the link between our design as human beings and our hardwired predisposition towards peace and contentment. The understanding of our nature has a direct impact on the future of our planet and on our effectiveness as a species. Website


Julia MacDonald is a teacher and master NLP practitioner, passionate about combining her cutting edge techniques for personal development with her spirituality to help herself and others further our pilgrimage towards wholeness.


William Meader is an internationally recognised author and teacher, with a focus on the Art of Spiritual Creativity, the Christ Principle and the Evolution of Human Consciousness. Having many years of experience within the Alice Bailey tradition, his passion is to help people interpret the global crisis we now face as an opportunity, prompting the Soul of Humanity to awaken from its historic slumber.


Philip Roderick is founder-director of the Quiet Garden movement, community leader of Contemplative Fire and advisor in spirituality to the Bishop of Sheffield. His drum, chant and bodyprayer ministry is called Sheer Sound. He was the first to suggest a conference on Christ Consciousness at Findhorn.
Quiet Garden website
Contemplative Fire website


Barbara Swetina is a travelling artist/troubadour with a wide repertoire of songs and dances collected from all over the world. She facilitates groups in entering sacred space, connecting with Spirit and with each other through music, chant and dance.


Fay Barratt, Interfaith Minister, soul-centred counsellor, painter and spiritual teacher, will offer an afternoon exploring how the wisdom of Mary Magdalene moves and speaks through us. Fay has followed the Divine Feminine path for many years offering workshops, gatherings and retreats. Her desire is to serve the emerging feminine wisdom so that the sacred marriage of polarities can take us to a new level of being. Her experience of nine years on the faculty of the Interfaith Seminary and of her work in the creative arts brings a universal and creative energy to all she does.

Michael Stillwater

Michael Stillwater uses music for healing. An author, inspirational educator, award-winning songwriter, recording artist and filmmaker, his music spans genres and defies classification while weaving personal insights with universal principles. Michael has founded several organisations including Song Without Borders, focused on personal and societal transformation through song.
***Due to the recent success of Michael Stillwater's film Shining Night at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in California and the upcoming premiere of the film in Washington DC, Michael has had to withdraw from the conference. We know he would have loved to be here and we wish him well with the continued success of his film.