Spiritual Practice - Mindfulness Retreat

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This course requires previous participation in Experience Week.

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In the busyness of our daily lives we can be too distracted to notice the present moment. Mindfulness is an antidote to this, the practice of focusing awareness on what we are sensing in each moment, calmly acknowledging and accepting our thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations. We then find ourselves living in a more relaxed way, performing our daily activities in a calm manner and being more present with ourselves and each other.

This retreat week offers practices that enhance your ability to live in attentive awareness of yourself, other people and the world around you. You will have ample opportunities to learn and practise mindfulness in a supportive natural environment. You will also be able to engage with the community during the course of the retreat, helpful preparation for holding your mindful awareness when you return to your normal life and work.

Mindfulness can help you break out of old patterns of responding and relating so that you can create harmonious connections and ways of relating. Mindfulness can help you align more closely and easily with your purpose and direction in life. It also helps you connect in regenerative ways with nature and explore a deeper relationship with the natural world.

The practice of mindfulness can help you cultivate an inner centre where you are able to handle the changes and events occurring around you in a more poised and effective manner. You become less buffeted by circumstances and more able to make clearer choices in response to the circumstances that arise in your life.

In recent times mindfulness, an ancient meditation practice, has become mainstream as the medical community now recognises that it leads to measurable reductions in stress and symptoms of stress-related ailments.

Join us for a week of meditation, contemplation and exploration into a greater sense of peace and wellbeing.


Our Spiritual Practice Retreat Weeks support you to continue a path of transformation and growth in your everyday life. It will give you time to explore meditation, different kinds of exercises and to approach ordinary activities in a new way that encourages space for creativity and laughter.

There are daily sessions together and afternoons are in Foundation service departments to integrate practical life with your spiritual practice. The week is less of a group experience than in an Experience Week and you are more integrated into the life and rhythms of the community. The group is generally smaller and you will have time to take part in community meditations and events.

If you are thinking about a longer term commitment to staying at Findhorn, a Spiritual Retreat Week is an option that can give you a good sense of what it is like to live here. It also serves as a prerequisite for joining some of our further Essential Findhorn programmes such as the Living in Community Guest Programme and Living Essentials Apprentice Programme.

Tiered price (click here for more information): £920 / £680 / £510

Tiered Pricing

Before you book your place, please take a moment to consider that the Findhorn Foundation is a Charitable Trust. We believe that the benefits of holistic learning should be available to everyone regardless of their financial or life situation, and that the transformational journey is enriched by a diversity of participants.

We recognise that what is affordable for some can be a financial stretch for others and offer a tiered pricing structure. When you book, please select the price that feels appropriate for you.

Pay it Forward Price covers the cost of your workshop and includes a contribution to our bursary fund. This will make participation possible for one or more people who otherwise would not be able to join our transformational work in the world.

Sustainable Price covers the cost of your workshop and helps us to sustain our learning and guest facilities.

Supported Price reflects a partial bursary toward the cost of your workshop and is intended for those with minor financial need.

Includes all programme content, 7 nights accommodation, full board and refreshments.

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