Patch Adams: Loving Work - Loving Play

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The most revolutionary act one can commit in our world is to be happy.

Patch Adams is delighted to be returning to Findhorn on his 66th birthday, after having celebrated his 50th here.

Over two days Patch will provide a deep and unique insight into the Gesundheit Institute’s 40 year practice as a communal ecovillage hospital, testing ideas that eliminate 90% of the cost of a hospital stay, prevent burnout, and erase hierarchy.

The first day, Patch will share the global outreach of these ideas that have extended all over the world. The second day will comprise a workshop What's your Love Strategy? with time for dialogue, play and poetry.

Patch Adams is best known for his work as a medical doctor, clown and social activist who has devoted 30 years to changing America's healthcare system. He believes that laughter, joy and creativity are an integral part of the healing process.

Feel energised, connected and revitalised by experiencing the love, fun and true happiness that Patch Adams brings.

Income related price (click here for more information): £195 / £295 / £395
Includes 2 nights accommodation and all meals.

I think this time would be useful for anyone wanting to design their life and work to be exactly what they want. There clearly is a call for a life devoted individually and collectively for peace and justice for all people and nature. There is strong evidence to do this action with fun and love – as a magnet for co-workers, a garden of creativity and impossibility of burnout. This is clearly a call for a revolution of loving.

Patch Adams

Fun and laughter fortnight
We are offering a few options for you to book your participation in back-to-back workshops.

If you book this event together with Laughing Matters - Laughter Yoga Leader Training which immediately precedes it, week commencing Saturday 21st May, you will receive a discount of £100 off the combined price of the two events.

There will be a follow-on one-day practical, experiential clown workshop, Be A Clown, that will give you the opportunity to make the shift from hearing about the healing power of clown to having an experience of the power and beauty of clown work - playing, exploring, seeking authenticity rather than "being funny", finding your own inner clown character and having fun. If you book this Patch Adams event together with Be A Clown which immediately follows it, Monday 30th May, you will receive a discount of £45 off the combined price of the two events.

The following day, Tuesday 31st May, Jenny Mosley, well known throughout the UK for her groundbreaking work in schools, will be conducting a one-day workshop Learning through Laughter in Schools. This workshop can be attended as a one-day non-residential event, or as residential if booked together with Patch Adams: Loving Work - Loving Play and Be A Clown. To book all three events together click here.

Medical doctor, clown, social activist, founder and director of the Gesundheit Institute - a holistic medical community that has provided free medical care to thousands of patients since it began in 1971, author of Gesundheit! and House Calls.