Findhorn Intensive - A 12-Month Modular Programme

This programme is not currently scheduled.

For details of registration and programme start time see here.

This course requires previous participation in Experience Week.

Adele Napier & Clive Kitson

This year-long enquiry explores what it really means to live Findhorn principles in everyday life. You spend five residential weeks over the year here, with peer group support and individual mentoring at home, in between times.

Residential weeks at the Findhorn Foundation:

Click on the image above for a short introduction to the Findhorn Intensive with
focalisers Clive Kitson and Adele Napier.

If you have been touched by Findhorn and want to bring this experience more fully into your everyday life, we invite you on this heart-opening journey. In it, you will:

  • deepen and strengthen your connection with your inner self, while engaging with the challenges and rigours of daily life
  • open to new possibilities for living relationships, and engaging creatively with all that surrounds you
  • discover healthy ways to bring your unique contribution to the world, positively adding to the ecology of life

Our dream about four years ago was to pioneer a modular-type programme here at the Findhorn Foundation that allowed people to experience the power of this transformative centre in their lives, in an in-depth way, over time. After our first two 'experimental' programmes we now firmly know - it works!

Thanks to the support and engagement of the Findhorn Foundation, our key presenters, and those daring and committed souls who joined us for these journeys, we have witnessed and experienced profound changes, inner and outer. The mystery school and the group transformational field have worked with us and on us, both while we were all here at Findhorn and at home between modules.

We have experienced that the programme offers the possibility to develop an in-depth relationship with the power and intensity of the transformative spirit of the Findhorn Foundation, and a supportive group of enquiry to belong to, grow and learn to love more with - without having to engage full time over long periods.

We're shaping the course slightly differently from the original format. It will be a one year programme with five week-long modules every nine to ten weeks. Mentoring and peer group support will continue in between.

It is our experience that making a commitment to the creativity that lies at the core of this extraordinary centre, and at the core of ourselves, changes us in beautiful and sometimes unexpected ways. We as co-focalisers have been undone by it, time and again. And brought to greater wholeness in ourselves. So its with much gratitude, a sense of humility, expectation and joy that we invite you to consider joining us in this beautiful and challenging adventure in its next phase.

If you are interested in speaking about it more with us, or with previous programme participants, please be in touch as soon as possible, by emailing

Warmly to you,
Adele and Clive, programme focalisers.

Price: TBA

This includes full residential board for the five residential weeks, the programme itself, and mentoring sessions through its duration.

We ask that fees be paid by the start of the programme, with £200 paid directly after your interview to secure your place.

Enquiries and Application

Please address any enquiries or your written application to
It should be no more than three typed pages in length, and include the following information:

  • Name, date of birth, address and postcode, contact telephone number and email address
  • Date of Experience Week
  • Other programmes at / contact with Findhorn
  • Present occupation and life circumstances, including your relationship to these
  • Brief educational background
  • Brief personal background
  • Brief spiritual background
  • Your reasons for wanting to do this programme, including your perceived strengths and challenges, hopes and fears, and ability to make the commitments required for active participation
  • A brief description of your health
  • The promise of a letter of support from... (The purpose of this letter is to develop a network of support around you as you take on this exploration. Choose someone in your life who knows you, who you have spoken to about this decision, and who supports this direction in your life. Ask them to write about why they recommend this as a good step for you. They can send it to us directly, or via you.)