Spiritual Practice - EFT

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This course requires previous participation in Experience Week.

Pia Mark

During this week we'll explore how the use of EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, alongside other spiritual tools for awakening, can support us in deepening our connection to Spirit and to our unique Inner landscape. We'll uncover some of our deepest core beliefs and explore how these may be preventing us from living life to our fullest and highest potential. By beginning to heal those early experiences, transforming our beliefs and raising our awareness, we set ourselves free to be who we truly are.


Our Spiritual Practice Weeks support you to continue a path of transformation and growth in your everyday life. It will give you time to explore meditation, different kinds of exercises and to approach ordinary activities in a new way that encourages space for creativity and laughter.

There are daily sessions together and afternoons are in Foundation service departments to integrate practical life with your spiritual practice. The week is less of a group experience than in an Experience Week and you are more integrated into the life and rhythms of the community. The group is generally smaller and you will have time to take part in community meditations and events.

If you are thinking about a longer term commitment to staying at Findhorn, a Spiritual Practice Week is an option that can give you a good sense of what it is like to live here. It also serves as a prerequisite for joining some of our further Essential Findhorn programmes such as the Living in Community Guest Programme and Living Essentials Apprentice Programme.

Tiered price (click here for more information): £890 / £660 / £490

Tiered Pricing

We want to ensure that our workshops and events are accessible to a diverse range of people and recognise that one person’s financial situation will differ from another. So that money is not a barrier to participating in our workshops and events, we offer a tiered pricing structure and ask that you select the price appropriate for your personal circumstances. Please take a moment to read about our tiered pricing here.

Includes all programme content, 7 nights accommodation, full board and refreshments.

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Pia Mark is a long-term staff member of the Findhorn Foundation and an experienced group leader. She is a qualified EFT practitioner, esoteric healer, massage therapist and reflexologist.
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