Co-creation with the Intelligence of Nature

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Judy McAllister & Monica Böni

The twin ideas of personal connection with the Divine and co-creation with the intelligence of nature are the cornerstones on which the Findhorn Foundation was built.

Given the times we live in, these ideas, and their practice, are more relevant than ever. Finding and holding true to our own centre, reaching out to and engaging with the subtle realms, is a powerful way forward for each of us.

We will engage with the historical as well as the present day application of these cornerstones. The impact that this could have on our collective movement towards the future is inestimable. The path before us, the future of our world, is not an easy one to truly face. It becomes easier when we fortify ourselves with hope and love, those qualities that are the essence of what the cornerstones bring into our lives.

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Tiered Pricing

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Includes 7 nights accommodation and all meals.

Judy McAllister has more than 30 years of Findhorn experience behind her and is passionate about people and nature. Development - both spiritual and personal - is the hallmark of her work.

Monica Böni has been living in Findhorn since 1998 and is passionate about personal and spiritual development, and about remembering spirit in all aspects of life.