Module 2: Activating the Archetypes - Liberating Hidden Inner Potentials

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Richard Olivier & Lesley Quilty

We will use the unique experiential form of Mythodrama to live into and explore the wisdom of the four primary archetypes: Sovereign, Warrior, Magician and Lover.

Jungian analyst Robert Moore defines these as being either creative and life enhancing or destructive and death dealing – depending how we relate to them and our awareness of our developmental history.

We will explore our current state of access to each, then work with the mythodramatic combination of theatrical technique and ritual process to free ourselves from restrictive old patterns and effectively 'act in' the new archetypes that we need to liberate future potential in our lives.

This unique five-day workshop is designed to significantly enhance your ability to activate the archetype that you need at any given time – rather than run the risk of being 'possessed' by an old favourite. As James Hillman says; "You do the Gods or the Gods do you!".

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Includes 5 nights accommodation and all meals.

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Richard Olivier is Artistic Director and founder of Olivier Mythodrama, an Associate Fellow of Said Business School, University of Oxford, and a Fellow of the Findhorn Foundation.
More information here.

Lesley Quilty is a creative consultant, facilitator, coach and theatre artist. An Associate of Olivier Mythodrama, her work is informed by over 20 years' experience of personal and organisational development. More information here.