Interspecies Communication

 and Deep Nature Connection

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Jacqueline Buckingham & Lesley Downie

Many people talk to animals, not very many listen though. That's the problem.

Winnie the Pooh

We invite you to come and immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape of the Moray coast and the embrace of the Findhorn community, while you rediscover your innate ability to communicate with animals, plants and others with whom we share this planet.

In this workshop we will provide tools to develop your own telepathic communications abilities; we will explore what can get in the way of clear communication and how we can overcome those blocks. We will provide plenty of opportunities to practice with animals and other species, both in the physical and remotely.

Deep nature immersion will form a strong foundation of this programme, to restore our deep relationship with all life. Time to be quietly contemplative or to imaginatively explore in nature, all the while deepening your connection to all life forms and opening to the divine intelligence in everything.

Tiered price (click here for more information): £1080 / £820 / £670

Tiered Pricing

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Includes all programme content, 7 nights accommodation, full board and refreshments.

Interspecies communication creates a valuable bridge between human and non-human animals ... we can learn to understand our wilder relatives, honour their truths and live in greater harmony.

Anna Breytenbach

Jacqueline Buckingham

Jacqueline Buckingham discovered her own ability to communicate with nature as a child growing up on a farm. In recent years those skills have been honed under the tuition and mentorship of Anna Breytenbach. She is passionate about helping us all to reconnect with the healing power of nature and to reawaken our innate skills.

Lesley Downie has learned from both Dorothy Maclean and Anna Breytenbach as well as from her her own life long love of nature. In recent years she has been on trails in Africa with Anna Breytenbach, deepening her practice of interspecies communication. Lesley focalised the Original Garden at Findhorn for four years. She has a degree in biology and has worked for many years as a Craniosacral Practitioner specialising in babies and early life. She is also an experienced and versatile artist.