Systemic Constellations: Restoring the Natural Flow of Love

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Doris Elisabeth Fischer

Is there a natural order of love? And how can we influence the flow of love in the systems we are part of, family, organisational and social?

Systemic Constellations is a way of working with collective consciousness to restore the natural flow of love in families and other organisations. Growing out of Bert Hellinger's pioneering work with Zulu tribal ritual and reconciliation work in South Africa, the practice has been used to heal imbalances ranging from divorce and adoption to personal and social wounds resulting from war. This workshop will apply systemic constellation work to the issues and situations you bring in a week full of movement, life and solutions that open hearts.

You can participate without any prior training. The workshop will enable you tap into deeper collective levels of knowing, allowing you and others in the group to symbolically represent people and issues through movement and gesture. In the unique, safe space of the work and together with a supportive group, longtime student of Bert Hellinger Doris Fischer will facilitate your discovery of solutions and new insights, helping you restore the natural flow of love in your life.

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Doris Elisabeth Fischer, born in 1962 in Lindau in the South of Germany, has been qualified in constellation work with Bert Hellinger for more than 15 years, and trained as a social worker with long term experience in speech therapy, family therapy and body therapy. She is the author of a book about Dyslexia and a book about her work with Family Constellations. She translated Bert Hellinger's masterpiece Die Liebe des Geistes to Danish.

Doris moved to Denmark in 1986 and currently lives on the east coast where she worked as a teacher for many years before becoming self-employed with constellation work in 2010.