Erraid: New Year Retreat

29 December 2015 - 4 January 2016

Welcome in the New Year on the magical Isle of Erraid.

Allow yourself to be held within the healing energies of the island while you are connecting to it’s ancient and powerful landscape. Find time for yourself and turn inwards to reflect upon the year that is just coming to an end and dream into being whatever you would like to invite into your life for the next year to come. Enjoy time to celebrate and honour the old whilst you consciously step over the threshold into the new.

Our retreat offers a wonderful opportunity to ‘just be’ on what is surely one of the most beautiful of all the Hebridean Islands off the West Coast of Scotland.

Spaces on this retreat will be limited.

erraidlogoFully residential £500–£300 by attunement.

Booking and transport information here.

More about the Findhorn Foundation's satellite community on Isle of Erraid.