Findhorn Nonviolence Intensive

This programme is not currently scheduled.

Dominic Barter & Kit Miller

18–24 June 2016

For over a decade the Nonviolence Intensive has provided a deep, experiential journey into the principles of living and transforming relationships and social systems nonviolently.

Designed for those seeking the next step in applying such work in real world contexts we'll focus on developing the support systems, dialogue practices, inclusivity, playfulness and relational intelligence that serve to sustain a paradigm of partnership. The unique environment of the Findhorn Foundation offers an ideal context in which to listen and find words for our reserves of longing for this shift, and how it plays out in the complexities of families, organisations and social structures - both those we've inherited and those we're in the process of redesigning.

The week has a reputation as nourishing, creatively disorienting and ultimately affirming of our ability to live in dynamic harmony with ourselves and others as we engage in conscious change.

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Dominic Barter

Dominic Barter consults with governments, organisations and communities internationally on bringing heart-based learning, healing and change into tough social and interpersonal situations.

Kit Miller

Kit Miller serves as the director of the MK Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence. Before this she was director/celebrator of Bay Area NVC, California.