Integral Mondo Zen Taster Weekend

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A Deep Dive into Meditation, Qi Gong and Mondo Zen Koan Practice, led by the UK Integral Mondo Zen Sangha.

Our Taster Weekends are an opportunity for those who wish, to experience an exquisite 'taste' of what happens on a seven day Integral Mondo Zen Sesshin. They are an introduction to Zazen (sitting meditation), the Mondo Zen™ process and conscious embodiment practice. The facilitators of these days and weekends are seasoned practitioners who are dedicated to holding a sacred space so that all present may come to know the delight of these practices, all of which are simple but not easy!

All levels of experience are welcome. Come as you are, wherever you're at, and leave with a deeper sense of who you are at your deepest level: absolutely nothing. This realisation can create a profound shift of identity as you finally 'get the joke', as the Buddhists say. The joke that you thought you, as in your separate self-sense, the 'me' which you constantly identify with, is nothing but a figment of your own imagination, pure conditioning from your past. Once you get the joke and see your own ego for what it is, a purely conditioned part of yourself and the at the surface of your being, you can then start to recondition it. In Buddhism, this is called Right View, a view that will not block your insight and own awakening.

So, if you want to get the joke, see through the delusion of self, are ready for a real shift in your awareness, then come and join us. All are welcome.

Price: £195

Includes all programme content, 2 nights accommodation, full board and refreshments. The programme completes at 4:00pm on Monday with departure at your convenience thereafter. You will find a list of local BandB accommodation here.

Mondo Zen for me was about looking inward and slowing down to see the trees and hear the birds and wind. It was about going below my ego to what is left if there is no John Stanley-Miller in the ego sense. I have never done meditation and the retreat was difficult but I am glad that I did it. Now I am doing at least 20 minutes of meditation each morning. The workshop and my ongoing meditative practice has opened a spiritual dimension in my life. I recommend the Mondo Zen highly. Blessings!

John Stanley-Miller

This work demanded every ounce of my warrior energy and intention. With no place to hide and all the time in the world to let go, I stumbled toward pure awareness. I suspect that when mature men have done everything else and think they know who they are, it may be time to sit.

Bill Kauth, co founder of New Warrior Training Adventure of The Mankind Project

The Integral Mondo Zen Sangha is a virtual non-profit collective led by four Integral Zen Priests and other commitment practitioners with over 60 week-long silent retreats between them in this Rinzai Zen tradition. They have all completed the Mondo Zen Facilitator Training and regularly lead people through this enlightening and liberating process both on retreat and via skype. They are all extremely dedicated and skilled individuals who have given their lives to the awakening process.