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This course does not require previous participation in an Experience Week. However, when you book this course please will you send us a short introductory letter telling us about yourself. If you have previously participated in an Experience Week you do not need to write a letter. You can do this by email or by clicking the booking link above to use our online booking system where there is more information about writing your letter.

Franco Santoro

Astroshamanism is a holistic system of healing aimed at expanding human perception through integrating the basic principles of shamanism with experiential astrology, the contemporary revival of archaic mystery traditions and the spirit of the Findhorn Community.

This two-week intensive offers a unique and thorough exposure to shamanic practice with a continuity of contact with Franco and his associates. Participants in the programme will experience practical tools for opening, discovering and supporting the relationship with their core spiritual identity and essential intent - a wide-ranging journey encompassing a tapestry of spiritual practices mainly from the Christian tradition, integrated with the structure of astroshamanism. They will also focus on releasing blocks and retrieving hidden potentials, and will learn to bring shamanic healing work in their life and relationship with others

The programme is designed for newcomers as well as for those who wish to consolidate previous experiences with shamanism or related methods. Francodrumming-1Completion of the programme provides a solid basis for more advanced work, and will also allow participants to continue their work autonomously with gained clarity and sense of purpose. The programme consists of two workshops, which can also be attended independently.

For more information on Holistic Awareness and Astroshamanism click here .

Basic Week: A Journey Into The Inner Universe
2–8 March 2013
This workshop focuses on the clarification of the life Intent and the connection with one’s inner guidance. Participants will be trained in working with basic astroshamanic techniques for expanding perception and reawakening their authentic purpose.

The workshop includes: shamanic voyages, trance dance, use of the sacred circle, energy work, planetary chants, rituals and various opportunities for integrating shamanic work with ordinary reality.

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Advanced Week: The Voyage Through The Zodiac
9–15 March 2013
During this second week participants will experience the whole spectrum of astroshamanic and planetary archetypes, retrieving and transforming blocked energies, strengthening the relationship with their multi-dimensional self and life Intent.

This workshop is designed for people who intend to employ shamanism both for themselves and in their practice with others. You will need to have completed the Basic Week: A Journey Into The Inner Universe, either immediately prior to this week or at some time in the past, as a prerequisite for attendance.

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Income related price for the two weeks (click here for more information):
£975 / £1155 / £1465

Tiered Pricing

We want to ensure that our workshops and events are accessible to a diverse range of people and recognise that one person’s financial situation will differ from another. So that money is not a barrier to participating in our workshops and events, we offer a tiered pricing structure and ask that you select the price appropriate for your personal circumstances. Please take a moment to read about our tiered pricing here.

Includes 14 nights accommodation and all meals.

The above prices include a discount of £95 / £175 / £285 off the total combined price of the two weeks, offered for booking both weeks together.

Participants who complete this two-week programme can also be admitted to the Astroshamanic Practitioner Intensive and have a month-long astroshamanism experience at Findhorn, including one week of integration and being active in the Findhorn Community. Click here for details and to book the month-long option.

The programme has been life changing. It's really that simple. And for that I'd like to extend an enormous hug of gratitude to Franco for pioneering this work, for living it and sharing it. And I hope that in less easy moments that hug will be there to remind you of the way that these tools, this work and you touch people. Thank you.

Previous programme participant

I worried at first that the course would conflict with my spiritual beliefs. In fact it not only complemented but enhanced my knowing.

Previous programme participant

Franco SantoroFranco Santoro has been active in shamanism and holistic awareness since 1976. Workshop leader, author and shamanic facilitator, he is the creator of astroshamanism and many healing practices.
Franco's astroshamanic blogspot.