Advanced Esalen® Massage Programme

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Perry and Johanna Holloman

Understanding the therapeutic pulse, still point induction, and directing subtle energy in the body.

Massage and bodywork Practitioners of all kinds are likely familiar with subtle phenomena which frequently arise during an effective session: Clients enter deep states of relaxation where release of different types occur, supporting organismic re-organisation and self-healing. If practitioners take time to gently place their hands on areas where such processes of release are occurring (often called 'unwinding'), pulsing and various kinds of subtle motion are clearly palpable.

Life expresses itself in the human body in different processes of rhythmic pulsation and movement: The pulsing of the heart and circulatory system, the movement of the breath, the rhythmic pulse of the cranio-sacral system are a few examples. The flow of chi, or 'life-energy', is also palpable in its effects on the depth, quality and pace of both our circulation and the subtle motions connected to any of our vital sub-systems. Shifts in the depth, frequency and quality of any of these phenomena can indicate important shifts in the state of well being of our clients.

In this workshop we will learn to assess, support and direct these rhythmic processes to help our work anchor and integrate into the framework of an overall session.

One of the most important phenomenon occurring through the application of effective bodywork is the therapeutic pulse. A therapeutic pulse arises due to a fundamental shift in the physical, mental and/or emotional state of the client. Because chi-energy is connected with the fluid components of the physical body, shifts in the strength and quality of our energy system can be felt in the pulsation processes of the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Learning to develop our presence and awareness to open, support and modify our client's energy in support of their natural self-healing capacities will be an important focus of our time together. Adding depth to our work, and relieving acute and chronic pain will be amongst topics covered.

Perry looks forward to working with massage and bodywork practitioners from different disciplines interested in learning how to use Esalen Massage as an effective healing modality.

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Includes all programme content, 7 nights accommodation, full board and refreshments.

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Perry and Johanna Holloman have lived and taught massage together at Esalen since 1996. Perry has been a long term resident of the Esalen community since 1979.

Both lead workshops in this healing art throughout the world and Johanna also leads workshops in the Diamond Approach, based on the teachings of Hameed Ali Almaas.