The Findhorn Forgiveness Conference 2013
The Great Undoing

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A gateway to peace & connection
28 September - 4 October 2013


That which un-does us, embraced with love is our greatest ally.



During the event, One Spirit Interfaith Foundation will hold a special forgiveness ceremony and have created and adapted a set of prayers especially for this. You can read and download these payers here.


Most of us long to let go and move on, but even knowing that it is in our best interests, we struggle to do this. What would our inner and outer worlds look like if we opened our hearts to a deep acceptance of 'what is', as opposed to what we and others think 'should be'?

Seeing forgiveness as a means to undo much of the personal suffering that keeps us stuck, and self-forgiveness as a vital practice for healthy and happy living, we desire to hold a space with conference participants in which to examine questions such as:

  • Forgiveness – what is it, and importantly, what is it not?
  • Why is it so difficult?
  • The role of self forgiveness
  • Why does revenge play so big a part in our lives?
  • What practical tools can help us move on?
  • What can we learn from people who have forgiven against all the odds?
  • How would our lives be different if we committed ourselves to letting go of all our hurts?
  • Where do we ourselves need forgiveness? Can we face and accept that we have betrayed/hurt as well as have been hurt/betrayed?

Our vision is for the week to be co-created with participants, be experiential and provide a mixture of collaborative methods, input from speakers, live mediation, workshops, ritual and time devoted to practical application. We intend to begin from a place of not knowing and a willingness to have some of our deepest assumptions about ourselves and others questioned.

We warmly welcome you join us for this conference and
to participate in a collaborative inquiry with us.

Tiered price (click here for more information): £985 / £775 / £625

Tiered Pricing

We want to ensure that our workshops and events are accessible to a diverse range of people and recognise that one person’s financial situation will differ from another. So that money is not a barrier to participating in our workshops and events, we offer a tiered pricing structure and ask that you select the price appropriate for your personal circumstances. Please take a moment to read about our tiered pricing here.

Includes 7 nights accommodation and all meals.

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To read an article by Robin Shohet on the subject of forgiveness
printed in Caduceus magazine, click here.

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Beyond our ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there.


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This conference will be co-focalised by Robin Shohet and Ilsemarie Weber, and chaired by Ben Fuchs. Ilsemarie was a participant at the previous forgiveness conference in 1999 which was co-focalised by Robin and Ben.

Contributors include:


Phyllida Anam-Aire has done extensive work and research with sick and dying people, bringing with her the wisdom of the Celtic traditions. Phyllida's language is that of the soul, which deeply moves people in profound ways.
Through the Eyes of Love, a paper written by Phyllida for this conference: read more here...
Books by Phyllida:
Celtic Wisdom and Contemporary Living
A Celtic Book of Dying: Watching with the Dying, Travelling with the Dead


Maria Arpa will facilitate a live mediation session demonstrating tools she uses in helping to resolve conflict. She is the founder of Peaceful Solutions, offering mediation service.
Maria's website
Peaceful Solutions
Centre for Peaceful Solutions
Books by Maria:
The Heart of Mindful Relationships: Meditations on Togetherness
Maria Arpa interview
Youtube clip of Maria: On behaviour


Jo Berry & Pat Magee. Pat was an IRA combatant and planted a bomb which killed Jo's father Sir Anthony Berry. Through working on the legacy of their relationship, they have helped to empower people to communicate effectively in conflict situations, including post conflict healing in Northern Ireland, Lebanon, Rwanda and Basque country.
Jo's website
Jo's charity
Youtube clip of Jo: Disarming with empathy
"No matter which side of the conflict you're on, had we all lived each others' lives, we could all have done what the other did." Jo Berry


Marina Cantacuzino, founder of The Forgiveness Project, will share her work of taking forgiveness into prisons. She will bring her exhibition of powerful stories of forgiveness to the conference.
Forgiveness Project website
Forgiveness project video


Robert Holden Ph.D., founder of The Happiness Project (1994), Success Intelligence (2000) and Loveability (2007), will share the radical approach to forgiveness from A Course in Miracles. He is a Patron of the Miracle Network in the UK and also helped to set up The Forgiveness Network with his friend and mentor Tom Carpenter.
The Happiness Project website.
Youtube clips of Robert: Happiness, A Dialogue on Forgiveness
Books by Robert:
Be happy
Success Intelligence: Essential Lessons and Practices from the World's leading Coaching Programme on Authentic Success
Shift Happens!: How to Live an Inspired Life... Starting Right Now!


Stephanie Mines shares her extensive knowledge about shock and how it affects our ability to let go - the somatic aspect of forgiveness. Founder and Programme Director of the TARA Approach System for Shock and Trauma Resolution.
Youtube clips of Stephanie: What is TARA approach?
Books by Stephanie:
We Are All in Shock: How Overwhelming Experiences Shatter You... And What You Can Do About It
Sexual Abuse/Sacred Wound: Transforming Deep Trauma

Richard Olivier will present his work on using Mythodrama for organisational transformation which he combines with constellation work for healing and forgiveness.
About Richard Olivier.
Olivier Mythodrama website.


One Spirit Interfaith Foundation is both a seminary training body and a community of nearly 500 Interfaith Ministers, working in a wide variety of settings. Collectively they aim to play a part in the evolving human consciousness of Unity, beyond the dogmas of any teachings, but seeing the essence of truth and beauty present at the heart of all. A local Interfaith minister will offer a ceremony and workshops focused on healing the splits for the hurts caused in the name of gender, both male and female.
One Spirit Interfaith Foundation website and history.
One Spirit Interfaith Foundation on facebook


Mirror, Mirror, founded in 2005, is a Devon based company with a commitment to reaching into communities whose stories are often unheard. They have extensive experience with the mental health services, the refugee and asylum seeker community, learning disabled people and young people with behavioural problems. Members of the company are, all with various backgrounds, Andy Blackwell, Amanda Brown, Alison Fairlove, Kate Hewett and visiting musician Steve Nash.


Pierre Pradervand will bring the essence of his books The Gentle Art of Blessing and Messages of Life from Death Row, a remarkable testament to forgiveness through his correspondence with Roger McGowen who has been on death row for 28 years.
Pierre Pradavand interview.
Youtube clip of Pierre: The Gentle Art of Blessing
Books by Pierre:
The Gentle Art of Blessing: A Simple Practice That Will Transform You and Your World
Messages of Life from Death Row

Lesley Quilty, clown doctor, will invite us to see ourselves in a light-hearted way.
Leslie's work with Mythodrama.


Sobonfu Some (her name means Keeper of Ritual) will lead a powerful grief ritual which she has done all over the world, connecting unresolved grief, self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others.
Sobonfu's website.
Youtube clips of Sobonfu: Embracing your gifts, About ritual, Grieving and recovery
Books by Sobonfu:
The Spirit of Intimacy: Ancient Teachings In The Ways Of Relationships
Falling Out of Grace: Meditations on Loss, Healing and Wisdom Welcoming Spirit Home: Ancient African Teachings to Celebrate Children and Community