The Light of Your Hidden Treasures -
Manifesting your true talents and intentions

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Franco Santoro

What if the parts that we find harder to accept in ourselves end up being our best qualities and gifts? We may be so full of shame and prejudices about our authentic treasures that we bury them away, repressing what is alive and straining to express what is dead in our life. Yet, no matter how we try to conceal it, our luminous gifts regularly return and shine upon us, encouraging us to dance and play who we truly are in the theatre of life.

Franco Santoro

This workshop is for those who long to take a decisive leap into the discovery and manifestation of their unique potentials and talents, so as to provide benefits to themselves and the whole environment.

Drawing from his unique shamanic and holistic skills, Franco will guide you into a pragmatic journey of experiential discernment aimed at unveiling your true calling and gaining clarity on how you can best express yourself in the world.

The workshop also aims at showing how apparently insurmountable obstacles and crises can be used to give shape to most ambitious dreams. During our time together we will also unveil how in every moment of our life, dark times included, we are never alone and there are immense forces available to provide support.

Tiered price (click here for more information): £1050 / £800 / £650

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Includes all programme content, 7 nights accommodation, full board and refreshments.

Franco Santoro has been active in shamanism and holistic awareness since 1976. Workshop leader, author and shamanic facilitator, he is the creator of astroshamanism and many healing practices.
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