Quintessence of the Arts

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Christiane & Bruno Rossi

The essential link between art and the introspective journey of the creative process often brings to light that we are ourselves a work of art. It is really fundamental today to develop the conviction that ultimately the opposition between nature and culture is only an illusion.

We consider the artistic experience itself as the principal work of art. Nature, as an ideal poetic partner, is revisited and understood as a subject of inspiration and reflection, both muse and recipient of an imaginary conversation.

During this two-week journey we will explore and experience the narrative of specific landscape sceneries through our senses, leading us to an in-depth understanding of the transformative process of nature. This can help us to release unnecessary tensions to access deeper supporting structures of the imaginative mind. Through guided movement, writing and painting sessions we will aim to develop a personal artistic language that is clear and articulate.


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Tiered Pricing

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Includes 14 nights accommodation and all meals.

Christiane Rossi

Christiane Rossi is an artist who, through her dance and drama skills, has spent 30 years developing communication and creation strategies among various groups around the world. The focus is on meetings between the poetic perception of the natural world and the self. Nowadays she also runs writing workshops where introspective autobiography is a way to soften the pitfalls of life and to polish its story like a jewel.
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Bruno Rossi

Bruno Rossi made his studies of architecture design and visual Art in Switzerland. To experiment the question “what can a body do?” he liaised with the avant-garde Theatre Onze, the Polish Laboratory Theatre, the Butho in Japan and the Bauls in India. He practices Aikido and Chi gong. Art is an integral part of Bruno's spiritual practice. He developed artistic techniques to enter the imaginative world of nature and foster the creative process. These last 3 years he mainly uses visual art.
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Bruno and Christiane and their two children lived in the Findhorn Foundation community from 1996 to 2008. They were both Foundation staff members and facilitated the three-month programme Essence of the Arts and Theatre of the Earth. They are now established in Paris.