Matthew Fox: East Meets West - Cosmic Christ as Eco Christ, the Buddha Nature & Deep Ecology

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A Findhorn Foundation Special Event
23–25 September 2017

Eventually, only a sense of the sacred will save us.

Thomas Berry

Einstein said that, as humanity outgrows religious habits of seeing God in human terms, we need a cosmic religion grounded in conscience. At this crucial time in human and planetary history, we have an opportunity to awaken this truly universal religious sense that acknowledges the sacredness of nature and all life.

In these three days we will engage in this creative work by recovering sacred archetypes: the Cosmic Christ of the Christian mystical tradition, the Buddha Nature from Buddhism, and the Image of God from Judaism.

Matthew Fox, author of 32 books on spirituality and developer of Creation Spirituality, will explore with us Buddhist writers like Thich Nhat Hanh; Christian writers including Thomas Merton, Meister Eckhart, Hildegard of Bingen and Mary Oliver; and Rabbi David Seiderman's work on Jewish ecology. Our practices will include circle dancing, journal/poetry writing and sharing, grieving, chanting, a mini-pilgrimage through the stations of the Cosmic Christ and more. Together, we will build a way of being that allows us to live these words of Thomas Berry: "Ecology is functional cosmology."

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Matthew Fox and The Thinker by David Kaipuk,

Matthew Fox and The Thinker by David Kaipuk, New Guinea Sculpture Garden, Stanford University

Matthew Fox is an internationally acclaimed theologian, author of more than 33 books and a maverick pioneering a unique approach to spirituality as a powerful force to transform religion, education and culture. A priest in the Benedictene order for many years prior to his expulsion by Cardinal Ratzinger, he has been working with others to revitalise worship, including by developing a Cosmic Mass with elements of rave, and by founding the University for Creation Spirituality.