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Presenter Enquiries

Offering a Programme at the Findhorn Foundation

Welcome and thank you for your interest in wanting to offer a workshop here at the Findhorn Foundation. If you have never submitted a programme before, please read the information on this page prior to filling out the online proposal form.

International Transformational Learning Centre

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Findhorn Foundation

The Findhorn Foundation is a world leading centre and community of practice where daily life is the ‘living classroom’ for deep and discerning inner listening, inspired action in service to the whole and the embodiment of our full human potential for loving co-creation with all of life.

Since the 1960s, the Findhorn Community has been a magnetic and influential meeting place for people with an interest in the unfoldment of a new human consciousness. Our first learning programmes were created to orient the growing number of visitors to the community – over time these evolved into our Essential Findhorn suite of programmes and are still the primary way for visitors to deepen their understanding of our principles and way of life.

Today, our annual schedule of programmes has grown to include a wide range of offerings aimed to serve a local and international audience of individuals, groups and organisations. Each year we select partners, speakers and workshop leaders who want to bring their skill and expertise to our rich and dynamic transformational learning field.

We believe that the Findhorn Foundation continues to have a pioneering role in catalysing personal and planetary transformation and will continue to engage with the spiritual work of our time – by serving as an inspiring place of hope for a more positive future, and helping to develop capacities needed to respond to the spiritual and environmental changes in our world.

Transformational Learning Ethos

The Findhorn Foundation has no formal doctrine or creed and does not engage in political campaigning or party politics. As an NGO associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information, we actively align our activities and programmes with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Anchored in our founding impulse and drawing from our nearly sixty years of collective practices and living experimentation, we offer programmes within an authentic learning community.

Approach to Learning

Our approach to learning is holistic, embodied, applied and experiential – with a focus on building individual and group capacities to embrace a larger view of reality and ground a deeper sense of wholeness.

In our programme sessions, we seek to create a sacred space where each participant feels safe to unfold their individual purpose. In doing so, we invite sensitive co-participation, form group agreements and ask for support from the subtle worlds to help hold the group’s energetic container.

Sessions are often interactive and participatory, making space for realisation and what is alive in the moment as well as helpful techniques and methodologies.

Programme participants are invited to take part in community rhythms and connect in meaningful ways with other participants and residents alike. Together, we co-create a powerful and transformational field that brings learning experiences not only in, but also outwith the programme sessions. In this living learning field, we carry the dual awareness of holding role-based responsibilities towards each other, and simultaneously, recognise that we are each other’s students and teachers.


  • Embodied realisation of the inherent value, intelligence and interdependence of all life forms – seeking to cooperate with each other and our wider ecology
  • Meeting ourselves and others with spacious, generous presence and fostering empathy and a deep sense of acceptance, belonging and respect for each other’s sovereignty
  • Aiming to hold a sacred space in our interactions and programme sessions – welcoming each other in our diversity and distinct contributions while recognising our underlying oneness
  • Cultivating space for stillness and an environment for emergent realisations in daily life, beyond specific beliefs or dogma
  • Responsible and conscious use of thought, words and actions, for the highest good of all – growing our ability to occupy a We Consciousness

Practical Information for Prospective Programme Focalisers*

This year, we specifically invite proposals for the following:

  • Weeklong workshops (8-35 participants). We are also open to considering shorter and longer formats.
  • Three-day speaker/topic based gatherings (75+ participants)
  • Online learning formats that can be offered as stand-alone programmes or interact with the above

We are seeking to create a well balanced, varied and inspiring yearly schedule, so although we understand that each offering will have its distinct flavour, we are generally looking to fulfill the following criteria for considering programmes:


  • In alignment with our values, culture and approach to learning
  • Relevant, aspirational, engaging, unique, at the leading edge of evolution in its kind and able to respond to the spiritual and environmental needs of our time
  • Of high transformational potential at the personal, group or global levels
  • Ability to have a long lasting impact personally, socially or globally well beyond the programme itself


We aim to extend the reach of our offerings and therefore seek to include more workshops and gatherings that either have the potential to reach diverse audiences, large numbers of people or that can be offered online.


Whilst we will be advertising programmes on our website, we are seeking to engage with speakers, conveners and workshop leaders who already have their own networks and who are able to attract a good level of participation relative to the type of programme being offered.

Ethics and quality assurance

We aim to provide the highest ethical standard in our offerings. To this end, we would like to work with highly skilled, experienced and integrous workshop leaders, speakers and conveners. As part of our programme selection process, we check that prospective collaborators have the qualifications and credentials they claim. There is an expectation that prospective collaborators sign our Code of Ethics before delivering a programme, and that they are able to share in the aspirations as found in our Common Ground document.

It is important to us that programme focalisers and speakers have an awareness of the harm that can come from rank/power imbalances, spiritual bypass and spiritual glamour, all of which we do not endorse.

*Focaliser is the name used in the Findhorn Foundation to describe both external programme facilitators and internal facilitators of programmes or departments. In a general sense, a focaliser is someone who holds the focus of the group and enables individuals and the group to express their highest potential. The focaliser is not intended to be a leader in the sense of someone who gives orders, but is rather someone who has the ability to attune to the needs of the whole, recognises and values differences among group members, works to promote group synergy and balances intuition with common sense. A programme focaliser would also have proven group facilitation skills.

Before Submitting a Proposal

If you feel that your workshop or event idea could be a fit for the Findhorn Foundation, and you can align yourself to our Common Ground guidelines and workshop leader Code of Ethics we very much look forward to hearing from you through this proposal form.

We will keep this proposal window open throughout the year, but if you would like to be considered as part of our main selection and scheduling process for 2021 and thereby strengthen your chances of being included, please submit your proposal by 15 March 2020.

We receive a large number of proposals annually and are unfortunately not able to accept them all, nor can we follow up with each individual to inform them of the outcome of our consideration and attunement to their proposal. If we would like to further explore your proposal and possibly schedule it, we will contact you.

If your proposal is for a programme that is more of a training or in the area of higher or further education, we suggest you contact our partner organisation, the Findhorn College as they are accredited to offer such programmes.

If Your Programme is Selected

If your workshop is selected as part of our residential offerings, we require you to take part in an Experience Week before the start of your programme. This will allow you to experience our community and rhythms first hand and enable us to get to know you. Please find more information about our Experience Week.

We require all workshop leaders to be supported by one of our skilled in-house learning facilitators. This is a Findhorn Foundation co-worker who has done our training for workshop leaders and is familiar with the Foundation’s unique atmosphere, rhythms and style of facilitation. The in-house facilitator assists the workshop leader with their programme logistics such as registration, preparing the workshop venue and equipment, orientation tours for participants, arranging the workshop leader’s payment etc. It is the responsibility of the workshop leader to identify and have a conversation with a possible in-house facilitator before submitting a workshop proposal. Participating in an Experience Week is an excellent way of connecting to community members and possibly finding an in-house facilitator.

All our programmes are designed around set community rhythms of collective (optional) meditations, meal times and breaks. Workshops start on a Saturday and usually last for one week although we are open to shorter or longer options. Speaker-based, large events usually run from Saturday-Monday.

Most of the speakers and focalisers who present programmes here do this as an act of service. While we do pay our speakers and focalisers a fee, this may be lower than what they are able to earn elsewhere. The surplus gains (after direct costs) from our programme offerings are used to support our Findhorn Foundation infrastructure and community to carry out our core mission.

Workshop leaders who are eligible to work in the UK will be able to receive a small fee per participant as payment for their effort. If you are not eligible to work in the UK, then you may still be able to present a programme at the Findhorn Foundation, but we are not permitted to pay you for this work. It may be possible for us to contribute to your expenses.

The general recommendation from our solicitors is that workshop leaders, speakers and convenors with a non-EEA nationality should enter as a General Visitor in terms of the UK Immigration Rules. However, we would like to stress that it is your own responsibility to check that this is indeed the correct form of entry into the UK given your personal circumstances. Should a visa be required, you will be responsible for obtaining that visa.

Our learning programmes takes place at two different sites five miles apart from each other: Cluny Hill in the town of Forres and the Park Ecovillage near the village of Findhorn. We will determine the location of your workshop or event based on availability and suitability.

If you feel you meet all the above criteria please go to the Programme Proposal website to register and submit your proposal. If you have any further questions or would like more details please contact us at [email protected]

We hope this is helpful to you.

The Programme Management team