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Presenter Enquiries

Running a workshop at the Findhorn Foundation

There are many people who would like to run a workshop here at the Findhorn Foundation. Before considering whether this is something you would like to do, we ask that you first read the information on this page.


It is important to realise that the Findhorn Foundation is not just a workshop centre. First and foremost, we are a large community of people living and learning together. Our purpose in holding workshops here at the Findhorn Foundation is to share with others what we have learnt and to pass on our inspiration for living a fulfilled and sustainable lifestyle. Our workshops, therefore, originate mostly from within the body of our community.

We do sometimes invite outside presenters to run workshops on subjects of their expertise. However, before submitting a workshop proposal, we usually ask that you come and visit, and we strongly recommend that all our workshop leaders take part in an Experience Week. This will allow you to experience our community first hand and to see whether your workshop would fit in with our community’s ethos and rhythms. Please find more information about Experience Week here.


Most people who present workshops here do this as a service to the community and humanity. While we do pay our presenters a fee, this may be lower than what presenters are able to earn elsewhere. Any profits that we earn are used for projects that support the community as a whole.

Workshop presenters who are eligible to work in the UK will be able to receive a small fee per participant as payment for their effort. If you are not eligible to work in the UK then you may still be able to present a workshop at the Findhorn Foundation but we are not permitted to pay you for your work. It may be possible for us to contribute to your expenses.


We also ask that all workshop presenters are supported by an in-house focaliser. This is a Findhorn Foundation co-worker who has done our training for workshop leaders and is familiar with the Foundation’s unique atmosphere, rhythms and style of facilitation. The in-house focaliser assists the presenter with their programme logistics such as registration, preparing the workshop venue and equipment, orientation tours for participants, arranging presenters payments, etc. It is the responsibility of the workshop facilitator to find an in-house focaliser before submitting a workshop proposal. Participating in an Experience Week is an excellent way of connecting with community members and possibly finding an in-house focaliser.


The majority of our workshops run for a week – arrive Saturday and depart the next Saturday – and this still seems to be by far the most popular formula.

We have completed our schedule of programmes for 2018. It will be possible to submit workshop proposals for 2019 during the month of February 2018 using our online programme proposal website. Our Selection Committee will make their decision in March 2018.

What will be requested for your proposal

  1. Maximum of 500 words to describe the idea, vision and intention for your programme. What are its goals and expected outcomes, and how do you expect they will be achieved? (This information is for the selection process and not for publication.)

  2. Maximum of a 150 word description for the website. (Can include a link to your webpage, YouTube, etc.)

  3. Maximum of 25 words as a mini-biography of yourself. (Can include a link to your webpage if more information is required.

  4. A photograph of yourself. Not less then 150-pixel wide but preferably bigger (original size) as we can crop and size it as required.

  5. The name of your Findhorn Foundation in-house focaliser. (We require at least one in-house focaliser for all programmes. This is a FF employee familiar with our programme procedures and able to assist presenters with the logistics and practicalities, before and during their programme. At least one in-house focaliser will stay on-site for the duration of the programme.)

If you feel you meet all the above criteria please go to the Programme Proposal website to register and submit your proposal. If you have any further questions or would like more details please contact us at [email protected]

We hope this is helpful to you.

The Programme Development team