Powerpoint Presentation

Notes on using the presentation.

This presentation has been created using two versions of the PowerPoint software. The ff_presentation.ppsx requires an up-to-date version of PowerPoint to view. If your computer has an older version of PowerPoint, use the ff_presentation.pps option below.

Right Click or Ctrl Click here to download the .ppsx version

Right Click or Ctrl Click here to download the .pps version

• For your convenience we have included a PDF booklet of the slide show. Right Click or Ctrl Click on the image below to print it out and use it to make preparation notes.

Our website is a great way to get the history, vision and facts on Findhorn that may be useful in supporting your presentation. Click here for more information.

Included below are technical instructions to get the presentation up and running on your computer.

  • The presentation includes pictures and bullet points to help you talk through the presentation.
  • Slides that operate automatically as a slideshow, moving from slide to slide and are accompanied by music. These are at the beginning and end of the show.
  • Slides of a ‘stop and tell’ nature, allowing you to share in your own way using the bullet points as prompts on what to cover in your talk. Play it through a few times so as to familiarise yourself with these elements.
  • The film takes a few seconds to load once you click on the page, so be patient.

Presenter tips:

  • Test the presentation on your computer before you leave the Foundation to ensure it runs fault-free.
  • Take business cards and bookmarks to hand out so that people have an easy way to contact us. Always remember that our website is a great way for people to find out more info.
  • During your talk, point to the relevant area on the screen, it really helps focus the audience and keep their attention on you.
  • Use slides as a framework on which you hang your message, and not as a message itself. When you present, follow the golden rule of ‘fewer words = more message’, i.e. be succinct.
  • Bring your own personality and story to the facts. Enjoy yourself and speak from the heart.

How to get the presentation working.

Computer requirements:
This powerpoint presentation can be run on a computer using either Apple or Windows operating systems (Mac, PC or laptop). Slight differences occur (such as slightly different fonts) but the essence of the presentation is the same. The original version was designed on Mac.

Minimum system requirements:
Windows: 256MB RAM on 2 GHZ processor
Mac: 256MB RAM on 700 MHZ processor
Higher performance computers will result in better playback.

The presentation was designed using the Microsoft PowerPoint software package. If you do not have this software on your computer you can download a Viewer version for free from the Microsoft website here. Be sure to specify whether you need the Mac or Windows version. Instructions for download and use are on the site.

How to get set up:

  1. Download the presentation (.pps or .ppsx version) to your desktop
  2. Open the downloaded folder
  3. Double click on the relevant file. Ignore other files since these are automatically activated. The presentation then loads

How to start the presentation:

If you have the full PowerPoint software, double click on ff_presentation (.ppsx or .pps) and the slideshow will automatically load up. Click once to commence.

If you are using PowerPoint Viewer follow the instructions per the Microsoft web site.

If your system gives you a warning about fonts just click ok.

At the end:

The music continues to play after the last slide of Eileen’s guidance so that people can absorb it and sit quietly. When you want to continue to the final slide just click forward.

Blessings on your presentation!

For more info or feedback please contact our Communications Department
tel: +44 (0)1309 691620

PowerPoint Presentation designed and created by Avalon Dos Santos.