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Margo van Greta

April 13, 2016 By F. F. Content

Margo van Greta is a pioneer of holistic spirituality and a facilitator of transformation, creating a safe and supportive space for deepening the inner journey. She currently is focaliser of the Learning Facilitators, is a qualified guide of the Game of Transformation, and is a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism since 1987. A staff member of the Findhorn Foundation since 1991, she worked with integrated spirituality through Spiritual and Personal Development, created the Findhorn Internal Trainings, and co-created the Living Essentials Apprentice Programme. She has been leading retreats for 20 years, especially on Iona, and does her personal annual month-long retreat in southern Spain. One of her projects was creating the Inspired Action Conference in 2010. Margo initiated a Buddhist Group and is a qualified Discovering Buddhism teacher. She trained with Joanna Macy and her Work that Reconnects.
Margo regularly facilitates Spiritual Practice Retreats on Iona, Active Hope and the original Game of Transformation.