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Beverley A’Court

August 9, 2016 By F. F. Content

Beverley A’Court grew up in a freely creative, nature-loving family. Before working in architectural psychology, community arts and 35 years in art therapy, she was exploring, through nature-meditation, arts and science, the dynamic interplay between subjectively ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ realities. Her long term passion is to reinstate recognition of the body as sensitive instrument of creative and ‘field’ awareness in therapy, dissolving mind-body duality. She has pioneered innovative, trans-cultural and earth-based approaches, grounded in ancestral human arts and mindful-making, to awaken our natural self-healing processes. She has contributed workshops to Findhorn Foundation programmes and events since 1996, leads personal development retreats and trains therapists and educators internationally. She has contributed to many publications including; Green Studio (2016) and Environmental Expressive Therapies (2017) A long-term practitioner of Buddhist meditation and dance-movement practices, she also loves singing and performing her poetry, making large-scale art and beachcombing for natural and recycled materials for bricolage.