How to construct a Ceremony

Set out below is a suggested running order for a marriage celebration. We begin with Welcomes, then Some Thoughts on Marriage, then Vows, then Ring Exchange, then Completions and finally Closing Words. Additional Ideas contains some creative suggestions for something a little different.

The links below will take you to individual pages that include a few examples of the wording that can be used at each step in the process. It is not exhaustive but offered as inspiration to help you create your own ceremony when discussing your own preferences with our celebrant.

As these examples are taken from various ceremonies officiated over by our celebrants, you will probably find some wording duplication as similar wording can be woven into different ceremonies.

  • Welcomes

    Some suggestions of ways to begin a ceremony by warmly welcoming your guests

  • Some Thoughts on Marriage

    Some inspiring words that people have used to convey to their guests the love they feel for each other

  • Vows

    Some samples of personally meaningful vows

  • Ring Exchange

    Ideas for wording to use while exchanging rings, that convey the meaning of this ritual

  • Completions

    Some examples of wording that help begin to bring your ceremony to a close

  • Closing Words

    Some inspiring text that brings the ceremony to a close with a well-wishing or blessing for your life together

  • Additional ideas

    Other creative suggestions that can be included in your ceremony such as handfasting, hand blessing, unity candles and the quaich