Weaving Studio

Welcome to the Findhorn Weaving Studio!

The Weaving Studio is located in the Pineridge area of The Park, Findhorn, next to the Findhorn Pottery Studio and the offices of Trees for Life.

At the Weaving Studio we offer beginner’s classes for adults and children, and possibilities for advanced weavers to continue to learn, join us, or arrange apprenticeships. We continue to weave the radiant wall panels that have been the image associated with the Weaving Studio for over thirty years, the Sunrise Panel, Star of Bethlehem and Crystal Light panel. We also offer a range of other handwoven items, and we organise special events throughout the year, contact us for details.

History of the Weaving Studio

The Weaving Studio first opened in 1971, one in a row of craft studios that included the Pottery Studio and the middle Studio (now the offices of the Scottish charity Trees for Life) where candles, macramee, leather work, enamel and silkscreen paintings were produced. The Weaving Studio was soon selling rugs, ponchos and wall hangings, and also training new weavers.
At that time the one universal symbol displayed in the community’s meditation sanctuary was the Sunrise Panel, a woven wall panel gifted by the Donavourd Weavers of Pitlochry. It had arrived unexpectedly just after the building’s completion, and Eileen’s guidance confirmed that it was meant for the new sanctuary. The panel, initially called Godshine, was designed by Patrick Lidington in 1960, based on an American colonial pattern illuminated by colour. It was later renamed the Sunrise Panel, and accompanied by this poem:

Sunrise: One light is in us all / One light unites us / One light gives us life / One light guides us. A few years later, when the Donavourd weavers were closing their studio, the pattern for this panel and the 230 year old Dobby flying shuttle loom to weave it on, were given to the Weaving Studio. Later Patrick Lidington came to Findhorn to teach his weaving techniques on the Great Loom.

Based on the original design, two other panels were developed: the Star of Bethlehem and the Crystal Light.

Over the years weavers came and went, new weavers learned from the ones that were leaving, and although there were quieter times when not all the panels were woven in the studio, the skill was not lost. And there is space for new weavers to come in, train and be part of the studio’s weaving tradition.

One of the original impulses of the Findhorn craft studios was to build bridges and, in the radiant beauty of the weavings, pots and other crafts, to carry the message of Findhorn into the world. Almost 40 years later this is still what happens, with every weaving that goes out from the studio.

The Weavers

Kathryn Kusa

I studied painting and worked with school and museum arts programmes in New York City. On my second day at the Findhorn Foundation, I arrived at the Weaving Studio at the start of a tour of the Park and heard the guide say that she would be leaving the community soon and perhaps one of us would like to come and keep the weaving alive. Okay, I thought. That was in 1990 and after studying basic weaving in New York, I did return and have worked in the studio since 1992. Learning by doing, and benefiting from the heritage of the community weavers I have had wonderful adventures exploring pattern, colour, fibre and texture. I am particularly interested in pictorial weaving including doubleweave, Gobelins tapestry and Theo Moorman technique. For years, I have been offering an ongoing course in the basics of handweaving. This class has been a pleasure for me and several of my students are happily exploring not so basic weaving!

Katharina Kroeber

I moved to Scotland in 1993, and since then I have been exploring the landscape, flora and fauna through different art forms. Especially my textile pieces are reflections of the landscape, the light, the weather, the animals that provide fibre and the plants that provide natural dye materials. In 2004 I began my weaving journey with a beginner’s class at the studio, learning to prepare a loom and weave some simple patterns, then went on to explore the world of colours and textures from loose fabric for wraps and scarves to the small shapes of woven jewellery. In a computerised world I love that weaving is one of the oldest binary systems: two threads meet, one goes over while the other goes under, and in their sequences they form the most intricate patterns. Many cultures see weaving as a metaphor of creation, the myth of weaving the world into being. It’s good to be part of a tradition like that.

I have also been a knitter for most of my life. I mostly knit socks, as I love working with the design opportunities and limitations of small pieces that burst with colour and pattern while being fully functional and well-wearing.

The Shop

All our weavings are unique pieces and we will confirm your colour choices when you order. All prices are exclusive of postage and handling, we will let you know when you order.

Sunrise Panel:
All Sunrise panels are 51 inches / 131 cm wide.
Fringe: at least 12 inches / 30 cm high £75
Small: 7-9 inches / 18-22 cm high £140
Medium: 13-15 inches / 33-38 cm high £270
Large: 21-25 inches / 54-64 cm high £400

(Sunrise panel unfortunately not in stock at the moment but can be ordered in the above sizes. For comparison, the panel in the Park Main Sanctuary at Findhorn is a large size.)

38-42 inches / 97-107 cm high £780

Crystal Light panel:
All Crystal Light panels are 18 inches / 44 cm wide
Mini: 7 inches / 15 cm high £40
Fringe: approx. 12 inches / 30 cm high, most of it fringe £40
Small: 8 inches / 18 cm high £50
Medium: 10 inches / 25 cm high £70
Large: 15 inches / 37 cm high £90
Extra large: 19 inches / 48cm high £100

Star of Bethlehem panel:
Colours available may vary, please ask.
21×18 inches / 51×44 cm £105

We also offer a range of scarves, wraps, towels and handwoven jewellery, please ask for details.

Ordering details:
To order please contact us at
or phone +44 (0)1309 690712.
We accept cheques (UK banks only), bank transfer or PayPal payments. Please ask for details.

The Weaving Studio

The Great Loom

Weaving Studio Beginnings

Patrick Lidington (left)

Katharina Kroeber and Kathryn Kusa

Sunrise Panel

Crystal Lights Panels

Star of Bethlehem Panel

Various weavings on display