The Quest – exploring a sense of soul

What is The Quest?

The Quest … Exploring A Sense Of Soul is a journey of exploration for personal and spiritual discovery, originally published in partnership with the Findhorn Foundation and now available in paperback worldwide.

Perhaps it's not possible for you to come to Findhorn right now or maybe you want something that will help you explore your spiritual path and get more clarity about what really matters to you. Or perhaps you and a friend want to share your spiritual journey. The Quest can offer you ideas and activities to work with on your own, or sharing with one or a few friends.

The Quest … Exploring A Sense Of Soul is a book, but it is not just like other books. It is a framework, with questions and activities for exploring your sense of soul and spirit in your own life and from your own home. It can be a companion on the way, and, like the best of companions, help you find your own answers to challenging questions.

How do I explore a sense of soul in The Quest?

The exploration follows similar principles of inquiry into spirit to those you find at the Findhorn Foundation. Starting from your own experience, you explore new ways of living infused with spiritual values. From the very beginning The Quest encourages you to be present in the Now and develop your own style of spiritual reflection, while delving deeper into your values and the insights that have brought you to where you are today. The Quest is a process of exploring this sense of soul and staying in touch with it by nurturing a habit of spiritual reflection.

Are there other ways The Quest helps me explore a sense of soul?

The chapters in The Quest work through the major aspects of life – telling your story, the changing faces of faith, passion and purpose, and specific aspects such as dark nights of the soul, wholeness and connection, and living in a sacred way. Other sections focus directly on your spiritual development: developing your skills, a growing sense of soul, encountering direct experience of spirit. At every stage there is an activity to clarify your own response, and you are encouraged to use a variety of ways of expressing yourself.

What do I get out of following The Quest?

By the time you have worked through The Quest you will have gone through a thorough review of yourself, your experience and your spirituality. Moreover, you will have encountered many different ideas and ways of looking at life and spirituality, and will have been helped to find your own answers.

To buy the Quest

Title: The Quest…Exploring A Sense Of Soul
Authors: Joycelin Dawes, Janice Dolley and Ike Isaksen
Price: £9.99/US$16.95.
Publisher: O Books, UK. Website
Ordering: ISBN 1 903816 93 9

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What people say about The Quest

The Quest is helping me have solid ways of bringing the Sacred consistently back into my life.

V S Victoria, Australia

The Quest does a wonderful job of being open, stressing the importance of finding your own answers and your own definition of spirituality.

C M Moray, UK

What I appreciate most about The Quest is the humour and lightness of touch which is combined with a depth of practical material and further opportunities for exploration. For me it provides a focus to help examine and develop my own individual spiritual awareness and an opportunity to share that journey with others.

D H Hampshire, UK

The Quest looks to equip us with tools to bring about inner harmony and wholeness . .

D M Leicestershire, UK