A Great Day Out

at The Park Ecovillage – community, ecovillage, holistic learning centre

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A day out with a difference – for groups of all ages.

Experience a successful community experiment in sustainable living.

A wide variety of groups has visited The Park and had an enjoyable, informative day out.

Strathspey Probus Club, private church groups, BALL (Be Active Live Long), Women’s Rural Institute, Healthy Minds Club, local government groups, Way Forward Skye, Environmental groups, Cairngorms National Park, Scottish Women’s Institute, ARK Childcare, Ramblers, Moray Trefoil Guild, Elgin Rotary Club and many others have experienced this unique community which has the lowest ecological footprint ever measured for a community in the industrialised world – half the UK average.

Thirty of us had a great day out at The Park: friendly people, delicious lunch and lots of interesting things to see and learn about – one of our best outings ever.

Strathspey Probus Club

We invite you to enjoy a group experience, learn something new, be curious, be engaged, be inspired.

Your day out includes:

1. An ecovillage tour

Highlights include:

  • one-of-a-kind ecological buildings including the well-known recycled whisky barrel houses, ‘living’ turf and sedum roofs, strawbale house and inspired Nature Sanctuary
  • learning about renewable energy: wind turbines, a variety of heating systems and insulation techniques
  • pottery and weaving studios
  • learning about the Eko, our community currency
  • beautiful stone and woodwork, stained glass, mosaics and garden design
  • extensive gardens, including permaculture and the principles of care for the earth, care for people and fair share
  • picking up simple ways to make a positive difference in the world

recycling – see and hear about different ways of recycling uncooked and cooked food, and about paper and glass

composting – see a compost lifecycle and how we can create more successful compost

renewable energy – see four wind turbines up close, a biomass boiler system using wood pellets, and solar panels

energy efficiency – energy storage and selling energy back to the grid. Find out how a carpool works

growing your own food – visit vegetable, flower and herb gardens and discover how poly tunnels can provide seasonal food all year

2. A vegetarian buffet lunch in the Community Centre

A chance to engage with community members, or enjoy a meal with your group.

3. A choice of afternoon activities

  • an organic gardening group project
  • a tour of The Living Machine sewage treatment centre – not smelly and unattractive as you might expect! In this space, which looks more like a greenhouse, hear how waste water and sewage can be purified through a series of tanks containing plants and bacteria that break down the waste, without using chemicals, in a process similar to natural decomposition. See the clean water as a result.
  • group discovery games
  • team building exercises
  • circle dancing
  • a visit to the award-winning Phoenix Community Stores, one of the UK’s leading organic food shops and well-known for its selection of books, crafts and gifts.

A mixture of these activities is possible.

Our commitment

The Findhorn Foundation is an educational trust and a charity working together with local, national and international groups to create a peaceful and sustainable world. It is a Non-Governmental Organisation associated with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations, and has received Best Practice designation from UN Habitat.

We seek to share our learnings and our challenges with as broad a spectrum of people as possible and to inspire positive change in the world.

We welcome all groups. Together we can build a better world.


In order to be financially sustainable we charge a fee for the services we offer which covers our costs.

We offer a sliding scale per person, which includes lunch and refreshments, based on the capacity of the group to pay, related to income and the economic situation of the country of residence.

To encourage local groups from Morayshire we offer a special rate per person, which includes lunch and refreshments, based on the size of the group and its capacity to pay. This special rate does not apply to corporate groups or groups from professional organisations in the local area.

Talk to us: We have a bursary fund and will endeavour to accommodate you if at all possible.

Tel: Visitors Centre general enquiries 01309 690311

1. Please email us to check that you can visit on the dates you require and to discuss options for your visit. Ideally we require bookings to be made a month in advance but shorter lead-in times are possible.

2. Once your visit and choices are confirmed we require a 30% non-refundable deposit. We will then organise your choice of activities, complete any necessary disclaimers and create the best possible day out for your group. Payment can be made by bank transfer or cheque.

3. The balance is payable a week before your visit.

Many Findhorn Foundation staff have completed disclosure procedures to accommodate youth groups.