Findhorn Co-Ability Great Day Out

Explore and share the many gifts adults with a learning disability offer our world on this short, experience-orientated programme.

The Findhorn Co-Ability Great Day Out is a one-day experience offered to adults with a learning disability who have limited time available and those who would like to spend small amounts of time in the community over an extended period. Each day can be tailored to the needs of the individual(s) visiting. A typical day could include a tour of the eco-village, the opportunity to engage with the community in one of our service departments, and a chance to sample our vegetarian meals in the community centre.

This programme can be offered to participants at any time.

Please note:
All prices will be individually agreed with the Findhorn Co-Ability focalisers (programme coordinators) at the time of booking and will be based on the participant’s self-assessed ability to pay.

For more information and to apply please contact the Co-Ability Team by emailing .