Building community

Creating Sustainable Community: Sharing Our Learning

If your group does not have seven days to do an Experience Week we can offer up to five days' activities for groups wanting to experience the Findhorn Foundation Community.

Depending on the group's particular interests, we can put together a programme which covers most aspects of living in and developing a sustainable spiritual community. The Findhorn Foundation Community did not begin intentionally and has unfolded in an organic way. As we have evolved over the last 50 years, we have grappled with most of the issues that face communities today.

One way to begin is to have a presentation from a community member on the vision, founding principles, history and development of the community, the highlights and challenges of the past 50 years, and what the future might hold. There's a chance to ask questions and this would complement the walking ecovillage tour at The Park.

In addition, we are happy to share with you our experience of all aspects of sustainability and groups can choose from the following activity options:

Personal sustainability and inner resilience

  • Learn about our spiritual principles and how we use attunement in our daily lives
  • Learn about our Spiritual and Personal Development Department in supporting personal sustainability amongst staff members of the Findhorn Foundation
  • Experience a group meditation in one of our sanctuaries
  • Be led through individual and/or group purpose work based on The Game of Transformation, developed at Findhorn in the 1970s.

Social sustainability

  • Experience some of our community building tools including circle dancing, group discovery games, deep sharing, FORUM, conflict resolution, group dynamics and supervision.
  • Learn about our community structures, processes and decision-making.
  • Join the kitchen or one of our gardens to experience how we live together.
  • Have a communal meal in the Community Centre.

Ecological sustainability

  • Take a guided ecovillage tour and see ecological housing, various forms of renewable energy, organic food production, recycling, composting.
  • Visit and learn about The Living Machine, a natural way to treat sewage
  • Visit a permaculture garden.
  • Hear about the community's ecofootprint study and why its footprint is just over half the average UK footprint.
  • Learn about co-creation with nature – join a Foundation team for a half day or have a group project in one of our gardens to experience firsthand how we live with each other and with nature.

Economic sustainability

  • Learn about our community currency, the EKO
  • Hear how Ekopia Resource Exchange, a Development Trust providing community-based ethical investment works.
  • Learn about how we manage our energy needs.

NB: We can offer more detailed experiences and professional talks on any or all of these aspects of our ecovillage.


In order to be financially sustainable we charge a fee for the services we offer, which covers our costs and helps this centre to continue its work in the world.

The fee is based on a sliding scale per person per day, related to income and the economic situation of the country of residence and taking into account the capacity of the group to pay.

Talk to us: we have a bursary fund and will support your visit if at all possible.

Tel: 01309 690311


1. Please email us to check that you can visit on the dates you require and to discuss options for your visit. Ideally we require bookings to be made a month in advance but shorter lead-in times are possible.

2. Once your visit and choices are confirmed we require a 30% non-refundable deposit. We will then organise your choice of activities, complete any necessary disclaimers and create the best possible day out for your group.

3. The balance is payable a week before your visit.

Many Findhorn Foundation staff have completed disclosure procedures to accommodate youth groups.