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We are offering our Video On Demand Library free of charge during these unprecedented times. We are also creating new online content, which will be a mixture of free and paid for, to inspire our global community to find a calm space to engage and connect with their true nature and higher purpose. This helps us to affirm our purpose of transforming human consciousness in everyday life to bring new possibilities into the world. Please check this page regularly for new content.

At the same time, until further notice, we have also suspended our residential workshops and events, which we rely on for 80% of our income. We know that many people are facing challenging situations at the moment. If you feel passionate and are able to make a donation to help the Findhorn Foundation to support people around the world, it would be a real blessing. If you are unable to make a donation at this time, please enjoy our online spiritual resources. Thank you.

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Our programmes require a minimum age of 18 years for participation unless otherwise stated in the programme description.

Findhorn Foundation Workshops

Did you miss our first global online summit Roots of Tomorrow? All access Replay is available to buy now, watch anytime! Find out more here.

Starting on 6th October: Global Sharing Circles
Starting on 28th November: Transforming Our World From Within
Findhorn International Centre for Sustainability Programmes
Starting on 24th September: Transformational Leadership: Deepen your presence, intuition and practice
Findhorn New Story Programmes
On Demand Now: Living the New Story Series 1 Self-Study: Transition to a New Evolutionary Paradigm
On Demand Now: Living the New Story Series 2 Self-Study: Cultivating Regenerative Societies
On Demand Now: Living the New Story Series 3 Self-Study: Sacred Ecology, Sacred Economy
Free to view: A New Story for Humanity Documentary
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Findhorn College Courses
Starting on 16th September: Beyond Resilient: Integral City Inquiry Action & Impact
Starting on 27th November: Beyond Smart: Integral City Practices, Tools & Maps
Starting on 14th January 2021: Beyond Complexity: Integral City Care, Context & Capacity
Video on Demand Library – free to view
The Planetary Game – Engaging with the Emerging Future April 2020
Robert Holden Ph.D – Christmas for Mystics
Shaping Our New Future with the Sidhe
Climate Change & Consciousness Conference
Robert Holden Ph.D. – Easter for Mystics
Climate Change: “Findhorn Fellows on Reasons to Be Hopeful” – Free to view Webinar
Findhorn Talks: Thoughts on the Leading Edge
Co-Creative Spirituality Conference
Jeddah Mali: What Makes Life Work? The Concept, Practice and Application of Natural Intelligence
Caroline Myss: Guts and God – Using Spiritual Direction to Discover the Hidden and Obvious Presence of the Divine in Your Life
Healthy Earth Healthy Birth Conference
Voices of the Findhorn Foundation – average watch time 3-5 minutes
Free Video Series
FindhornLive Livestream Events
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Documentary – free to view
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TEDxFindhorn Talks – free to view
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