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June 25, 2018 By Yvonne Cuneo

Dear Findhorn friends ,

Whether you are experiencing the summer or winter solstice it’s useful to remember a favourite song of mine – “be still and know that day and night, be still and know that dark and light…are one holy circle”.

Hot off the press

The current print edition of Kindred Spirit magazine (July / August 2018) has a two page article by Thomas Miller entitled Co-Creative Spirituality. Whether you’re coming to our Co- Creative Spirituality Conference 22-29 September or not, this article is a good way to connect with the themes and spirit of the event…(read more)

You might also be interested in an online blog in Kindred Spirit earlier this year. ‘Turning negative self talk around’, written by the Foundation’s current Chair of Trustees, Lisette Schuitemaker, is something most of us can identify with and learn from…(read more)

Here’s the latest episode from Moly Yim’s series, A Walk in the Park. This time Moly is in Cluny Garden with a young man from London, Bertie, who says Experience Week was “one of the best experiences of my life”…(watch here)

For the Caroline Myss fans among you, check out our very own Thomas Miller interviewing Caroline as she tells two fascinating stories of her own personal experiences with nature spirits. Some of you will recognise the Original Garden where the opening sequence was filmed on a recent warm spring day…(watch here)

Potentially life changing experiences

Want to experience life at the Findhorn Foundation? We offer a week long introduction to the essence of our community, called Experience Week. With flexible pricing, youth discounts and extra discounts when needed, it is affordable for everyone.

Experience it!

All our programmes have a tiered pricing structure, and we offer needs based financial assistance. Please get in touch with our Bookings Team by emailing [email protected] and find out how we can make a visit work for you. 18-25s get a £100 discount on many of our Essential Findhorn programmes. I hope you can visit soon!

Retreats on the Isle of Iona

If you haven’t yet experienced the special energy, blue seas and the Foundation’s cosy and spectacularly located retreat house, Traigh Bhan, on the sacred isle of Iona, here’s a short video showcasing the magic of an Iona retreat week and showing scenes from a Way of the Pilgrim retreat… (read more) or see our see our beautiful video

We want to hear from you

Our Communications team is busy working on the next FF magazine and would love to hear your thoughts on this year’s new format magazine which featured a diversity of articles about life here at Findhorn. We are trying to reach people far and wide and offer content that is of interest to everybody.

Please email [email protected] and let us know.

Yvonne Cuneo
For the Communications Team