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March 1, 2017 By Yvonne Cuneo

Hello everyone

I hope your 2017 got off to a lively start. I try to begin each year in the spirit of curiosity and adventure, no matter what mood world events might be suggesting. Here in Sydney it’s been heatwaves and storms, long walks, old friends and lots of productive work for the Findhorn Foundation – I just love the worldwide web, for the flexibility and intimate connection it can bring and the close knit sense of global community it supports. One lovely lady replied to my last email saying ‘It is so reassuring that you lot are there. Sometimes I feel so alone, then I read your newsletter and I know I am not’. I’m so glad we offer this sense of togetherness.


The breaking news is that the Findhorn Foundation’s new website is now up and running. Hurrah! Creating the website (with the understanding that it’s an ever-changing communication tool) has been such a useful exercise for us as an organisation. All the big questions were addressed – What is the Foundation’s purpose in 2017? How do we encapsulate all that we are, all that we do, all that we yearn for? How do we put into words and images the very real experience of spirit, of partnering with the unseen worlds, of grace, of attunement, of the oneness that is at the heart of the community? How do we convey the amazing work of evolving consciousness happening at The Park and at Cluny and through you, all over the world? How do we inspire more young people to join this living experiment in creating a world that works for all? What language do we use so that we are accessible to all? How do we capture all facets of life here – the deep nourishment, the challenges, the sense of family, the joys and the shadow?

Group in Park Kitchen
Group Waving

Hopefully, the website does capture at least some of the Foundation’s magic, passion and firm intention to co-create a new story for humanity and inspires the support needed to continue into the future. So take a look and forgive us any teething glitches.

2017 is the community’s 55th year. Part of our success so far is the myriad of organisations, charities and businesses that have evolved from Eileen, Peter and Dorothy’s original experiment in inspired living. West Whins, our latest housing development, is well underway – please celebrate with us the £130,000 grant from the Scottish Government’s Rural Housing Fund for affordable housing. As we continue to grow, communication and coordination is key so the Community Change Working Group’s goal this year is to create ‘a more cohesive, purposeful and vibrant community’. So join with us as we, individually and collectively, live the spiritual principles in daily life and so commit to strengthening the transformational field that’s been created.

With Easter fast approaching there are two great opportunities I want to draw your attention to. The first is a free Findhorn Live event – the Easter Summit – six scintillating interviews with six inspiring individuals. Just visit our homepage everyday from 10 to 14 April to access these.

Planting Time
Meal Time

The second is Saturday 15 to Monday 17 April – a chance to spend time with Jeff Olsen, survivor of a devastating car accident which killed his wife and son, as he shares the insights, spiritual understanding and sense of wholeness he gained during his journey of recovery. Jeff Olsen: Choosing Joy for a Transformational Life has helped many people see that through love and trust we can all create the life we choose, even in seemingly impossible circumstances.

David Spangler, in a recent blog from the Lorian Association, also talks about our creative potential – ‘A profound shift in perspective that allows me to know the incredible possibility of my life becoming a blessing to the world around me. I can begin to know myself as a Generative Source’.

Imagining each of us as a generative source is powerful stuff, calling us to greatness. I can’t put it any more eloquently than the Golden Conifer Deva, recorded by Dorothy Maclean in To Honour the Earth:

Why should humanity act as if it were the only intelligence? All around, the angelic world is bursting with awareness, full of knowledge and truth that would be of inestimable value to humanity.
The same one life flows in our veins also … we are all children of the one creation, all part of one life … you could be dynamos of power and transformation, but you have limited yourselves, and in limitation you can do dreadful things. Why not open out to all of life?

I leave you with that invitation to be ‘dynamos of power and transformation’.

With love and laughter.

Yvonne Cuneo
For the Communications Team

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