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What’s on at Findhorn

April 24, 2018 By Yvonne Cuneo

Dear Ones,

Findhorn Bay is golden with gorse and The Park and Cluny have a vibrant spring vibe with lots of engaged participants and bright bunches of daffodils in every corner.
We hope to welcome you soon.

Hot off the press!
Curious about what time spent as part of our intimate satellite community on the Island of Erraid would be like? This blogger says it “is less about escaping and more about re-connecting with what makes life worth living”.

Spiritual Resilience

Read a journalist’s account of her visit to Findhorn community “Spiritual Resilience and Finding Sanctuary” in Loam, an environmental arts magazine which promotes pioneering individuals and organisations…(read more)

And for the French speakers

And for the French speakers – a wonderful article in the online version of Inexplore about participation in an International Experience week. (read more)

Illuminating Interviews

The Easter Talks, our annual series of interviews with spiritual pioneers, change makers , researchers and explorers are now available here and are a great introduction to the founding principles of this community and to the Co-creative Spirituality Conference in September, We hope to see you there.

More exiting workshops happening at Findhorn foundation below!

Nature as a Spiritual Path – Journeying with the Four Elements

9 June for 7 days

A great way to learn a variety of simple tools that allow you to bring into your everyday home environment the healing, upliftment, inspiration and deeper sense of purpose that nature, as a spiritual path, gives you. By focusing on an experiential exploration of earth, air, fire and water you will explore where you are flowing with, or blocking, the river of life in you. Through dance, song, poetry, shamanic journeys spending time in silence and in nature, the overall intention is to realign with and celebrate the four elements, creating balance and harmony within and
without. (read more)

Communicating with Crystal Consciousness for Healing

30 June 7 Days

Whether you’re a beginner curious about the power of crystals or someone already working with their energy, this is a brilliant opportunity to learn the basics of working with the mineral kingdom, and how crystals can help heal yourself, your environment and the planet.
You will learn what kind of crystals are best to work with in different circumstances, and for different kinds of work. All crystals are provided on the workshop, with a wide selection available for you to experience their different energetic qualities. (read more)

Creations in Nature

28 July for 7 days

Nature is a fantastic venue for creative expression. Let its power inspire you at the beach, the river, the woods and at Findhorn Bay. Let intuition guide your use of light, shadow, time and tide to experience the natural process of creating, appreciating beauty and finally letting go again. A wonderful way to be in the moment, allow the meditative self room to breath and engage with rocks, stones, sand, clay, shells, stranded wood, leaves, berries.
you notice what is happening. (read more)

The Elusive Obvious

28 July for 5 days

Explore the true nature of the Self and practise simple ways of easing the mental, emotional and physical strain of living with a false sense of separation. Using enquiry, dialogue and silence you will explore your relationship to the ‘elusive obvious’,
discovering how your search for consciousness and presence is unnecessary when
you notice what is happening. (read more)

Yvonne Cuneo
For the Communications Team