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55 and still going strong…

November 21, 2017 By Yvonne Cuneo

Hello everyone

The colours are autumnal but the temperatures are definitely wintry with some spectacular visits from the Aurora Borealis (or Northern Lights). I hope you are tucked up warm and cosy or getting out your lighter clothes in readiness for summer. (PS We had our first snow last night.)

Wow, we have had a busy and celebratory couple of weeks – our yearly mailout, a TEDx evening, the launch of the fifth issue of our local currency the Eko, more than 200 people at Caroline Myss’ Guts and God and a four-day celebration of the community’s 55th birthday.

FFBrochure2018Firstly, let me introduce the Foundation’s revamped 2018 brochure, now a new-look colourful magazine, which has been lovingly stamped and mailed to those of you who prefer to receive a hard copy. The digital version – presented as a book so you still get to turn the pages – can be found here. Please have a browse and send the link to all your friends. It contains not only our Calendar of Events but wonderful articles by both newcomers and elders, and it strikes a strong, vibrant note of who we are – ‘a living laboratory for transforming human consciousness’. A new world is calling…

A great first step is Experience Week, almost every week of the year. Or how about –

  • playing the Game of Transformation – see here
  • immersing yourself in a Love in Action work week – see here
  • learning Animal Communication – see here
  • exploring Spiritual Intelligence – Next Level Leadership – see here
  • Reclaiming the Power of the Embodied Feminine through mythodramasee here
  • beginning or deepening your meditation practice on the Isle of Iona – see here
  • experiencing an Integral Mondo Zen Retreat – see here
  • stepping into Spiritual Activism – see here
  • trying a Yoga and Meditation Retreat – see here

…and sooooo much more.

Not to forget the Findhorn Foundation College which continues to offer quality trainings often co-certified by partner organisations while immersing participants in a learning community which explores and practises the very themes it teaches. Take a look at Regenerative Culture Repair: An Exploration of Re-Villaging within our human and natural communities 24 February and Core Coaching and Mentoring Skills, in partnership with Wise Goose Training and ILM certified, 3 March.

And a quick plug for Jeddah Mali – What Makes Life Work. Join us in person 2-5 December or from your armchair, either live or up to one month after. For details and to sign up for livestreaming click here.

2018 brochure mailout day;     The 55th Birthday cake;     Autumnal colours

And now onto the birthday celebrations – it’s amazing for me to imagine Dorothy, Eileen and Peter rolling up here in 1962 with a caravan and three small boys in tow, having no idea what would unfold. And here we are, tens of thousands of us scattered all over the globe, part of this ‘one incredible family’, bringing light and love to a world that can sometimes feel almost totally devoid of these qualities.

On 14 November, Laura Pasetti presented a play called Voices, based on 32 interviews with community people and co-created with ten community performers and a talented team of supporters. A packed Universal Hall gave a standing ovation to this artistic, honest and creative look at the delights and challenges of the human experience of living in this community.

The next day Michael Lindfield, Judy McAllister and Mary Inglis hosted a day called ‘Co-Creation – Engaging the full-spectrum body of the Findhorn Field’ to explore and enhance our living relationships with the myriad dimensions and beings who, together with us humans, form the collective incarnational field of this community. It was an inspiring experience!

The Transformation Game;     Mary Inglis, Michael Lindfield & Judy McAllister;     Voices

On Thursday 16 November about 120 people played the Birthday version of the Transformation Game with the intention: Individually and collectively we intend to stand in the core impulse of this centre and let it take shape in and through us in relevant and creative ways that serve the calling of these times.

It was significant that the first name pulled out of the hat, to play on behalf of us all, was Jonathan Caddy, the only person present in the Hall who had actually been here on 17 November 1962, as a small boy. He was ‘born’ on the first roll of the dice and drew the quality of Healing to overlight the game. I cannot cover all the moves of the game (you must play it for yourself one day) but we reached the spiritual level and the insight-to-go was ‘Vulnerability is perfect protection. Being me is safe.’

The birthday itself began with a meditation, continued with a review of the Game and ended with a celebration dinner and a sharing in the Hall. I loved seeing the Hall so full of people all week, with all aspects of our diverse community represented and the unity in the diversity so strongly felt. It was the NFA (New Findhorn Association) which held much of the responsibility for the celebrations and trusted in gift economy to make it work financially … and it was a great success on this and every level.

It felt appropriate for the fifth issue of our local currency, the Eko, to be launched at this time as the new notes sport pictures of the community’s co-founders Eileen, Dorothy and Peter as well as ROC (Robert Ogilvie Crombie), a major influence on the community’s relationship with nature. Ekos were created by Ekopia Resource Exchange Limited, a community benefit co-operative, and provide low cost financing for new projects, enable existing businesses to make savings on bank charges and stimulate trade amongst community business, residents and visitors.

The last good news I want to give you – for now – is that Ekopia has been awarded a LEADER grant of £369,262 to support its Social Enterprise Hub project, which will provide a collaborative, supportive and affordable working space for innovative social enterprises in the Moray area. We are so wonderfully versatile!

On that note of innovation and abundance I wish us all a happy happy birthday and dedicate the final blessing of the birthday meditation to you, our global family:

Love to all beings
Love to all beings

Compassion to all beings
Compassion to all beings

Joy to all beings
Joy to all beings

Deep Peace to all beings
Deep Peace to all beings

With love and laughter

Yvonne Cuneo
For the Communications Team