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Presence not Presents

December 21, 2017 By Yvonne Cuneo

Hello everyone

Whether you are building snowmen or sand castles, wearing layers of warmth or very little, roasting chestnuts or enjoying ice cream, everyone at the Findhorn Foundation and Community sends you best wishes at this time of the winter and summer solstice.

Angel Card Presence

Your thoughts create. Your actions matter. Your presence changes everything. Align with your essence.
Know your place, stand up fully for yourself, and greet each moment afresh.
(Angel Card booklet © Innerlinks)

While many of us are wrapping presents we were reminded of the importance of PRESENCE at the solstice meditation on Wednesday night. The angel of PRESENCE was drawn by a community member at our much-loved Solstice Spiral, laid out in the Universal Hall using winter greens. Every year over solstice hundreds of people walk into the spiral, reflecting on and releasing the old year, then light a candle and walk out of the spiral, consciously stepping into the new cycle. The candle is then placed next to a globe of the Earth, as a blessing and to symbolically bring light to the world.

Winter Solstice RitualFor me, the quality of Presence has enormous power in its quiet strength and clear energy. It reminds me of how much more powerful I am if I’m consciously present, self-aware, connected to the fullness of who I am, in the moment, to all people and all situations.

David Spangler put it well in 2010 when he wrote “We can give gifts of presence to each other, but first we need to see each other… We need to not let others be invisible in our presence. When this happens, blessings flow… and the world becomes a bit nicer, a bit more conscious, a bit more loved and loving”.

In a world that sometimes seems more divisive and polarised than ever (and yes, that happens even in this community), we need to cultivate all the conscious presence we can to be of service to an impulse far greater than ourselves. The Foundation and the NFA (New Findhorn Association) continue to stand with people everywhere who are seeking to birth a world that works for all, each in his/her own way, and it is important that we do this recognising that oneness contains all of life, including the parts that we regard as the ‘other’.

I receive emails from many of you saying how important the presence of the Foundation and the community is in your lives – in a physical sense, as a place to immerse yourself in the transformational field of a research and development centre for the future of the world (still learning as we go along); and in an energetic sense, as a flow of love and light in the world, supporting you wherever you are.

PeopleKitchen1If you fancy some immersion in the community in 2018 the Kitchen and Maintenance teams at The Park are looking for experienced cooks, happy to create vegetarian meals for large numbers of extremely appreciative and hungry change makers and people skilled in maintaining buildings and general odd jobs, to join them for a minimum of three months’ work exchange. Ideally you would have already participated in Experience Week but we would also be open to you joining an Experience Week on arrival. For more information please email Rossana at [email protected]

As we go into our 56th year I want to acknowledge the energetic presence of two of our founders, Eileen and Peter Caddy, and the longevity and consistent smiles and good humour of our surviving founder, Dorothy Maclean, who will turn 98 in January and is a delightful reminder of the presence of the non-physical or subtle realms with which we continue to co-create.

As 2017 comes to a close, I want to celebrate some of the initiatives that have grown from their initial impulse and still have a presence here:

  • Ecologia Youth Trust, working with vulnerable children and young people through projects in Scotland, Kenya, Myanmar, Thailand and Georgia.

  • Trees for Life, invited to become a member of the European Rewilding Network – placing its restoration of the globally unique Caledonian Forest in the Highlands, (Scotland’s equivalent of the Amazonian rainforest), firmly on the European map.

  • Phoenix Findhorn C.I.C. (Community Interest Company), a dynamic social enterprise owned by an innovative community partnership, with hundreds of local people (including me!) owning a share of the business which specialises in local, organic, fairtrade, ethical and artisan foods and products.

  • Park Ecovillage Trust, successfully completing six new affordable housing units in West Whins (affectionately known as West Wings) for Findhorn Community members, all now happily moved in. This was made possible through a £130,000 grant from the Scottish Rural Housing Fund, a loan from Ekopia and The Duneland Board which sold PET the land for the princely sum of £1 in return for fulfilling their obligation to produce the ‘affordable’ piece of their West Whins development. The affordable units were built on time and on budget by Greenleaf Construction, a company headed by Jason Caddy with other ‘sons of Findhorn’.

PET Affordable Housing Project

Hanna Morjan celebrates her new affordable unit.

PET Affordable Housing Project

Hanna Morjan with Jason Caddy, builder, & Roger Doudna, PET Chair.

PET Affordable Housing Project

The six affordable-housing units.

We also honour our sister communities worldwide and particularly send our love and support to Meditation Mount and the Ojai Foundation, both of which suffered badly from fires in early December. And we celebrate the re-opening of the Esalen Institute in July after months of closure following mudslides, forest fires and bridge failures last winter.

My angel for the next year is EXPLORATION … sounds exciting!

Sending every one of you deep peace, and hoping to meet some of you in person very soon.

With love and laughter

For the Communications Team

Seasons Greetings 2017