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Job Available: Full Time Social Media Position

August 7, 2017 By The Communications Team

The Findhorn Foundation’s Communications department is calling for one dedicated, creative, self-organising person to join the communications team in the position of social media specialist.

The Findhorn Foundation is a spiritual community dedicated to transforming human consciousness. We run workshops and events for thousands of people from around the world every year designed to inspire, connect people with their true selves and help change the world in ways that benefit all life. We are spiritual, not religious, meaning that we seek to affirm and nurture the truth in all spiritual paths. Life here is fun, and also intense, calling each of us to connect with life and give our best in every moment – a challenge we try to live up to!

What we are looking for is someone who can convey the essence of this place through a variety of social media platforms in creative, consistent ways. We would prefer someone with social media experience; however we could also provide some on the job training to the right applicant. The ideal applicant will also have the legal right to work within the UK.

We are looking for a minimum commitment to the role of two years. As a member of the community, you would need to commit to our community agreements, the common ground. Also, if you haven’t already done so, you would need to do Experience Week, our introduction to the community, which gives a broad but deep taste of how life is here. There is a cost for this workshop, and there is also financial support available (we try to make it so that money is never a reason for people not to do Experience Week). Still, we also welcome people paying if they are in a position to do so. Please tune in to what feels right for you.

This position pays £200 a month. You will be allocated a room, generally in shared accommodation, be provided with board, and have all your bills paid (except for Council Tax, which in shared accommodation is very low, and private phones and private internet connections – but food in our communal dining room, water and electricity and heating is all paid for).

Please send your CV and cover letter detailing why you would like the role and how you meet the criteria to [email protected]

Applications for this position will close on 1st September 2017, with a proposed start date of early to mid September (start date can be flexible).


The Communications Team

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