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Job Available: Living Core Hub Learning Steward

May 23, 2018 By F. F. Content

Living Core Hub Learning Steward

Full time residential/non residential staff position.

The core programmes of the FF such as Experience Week, Spiritual Practice, Living in Community as a Guest, Being in Community, Applied EcoVillage Living, Living Essentials Apprentice Programme have attracted thousands of people and activated a transformational experience for many of us here and across the world. These programmes and the environment in which they are held, including our kitchens, gardens, homecare and maintenance departments and the culture within which we live and work within this community, form the foundation of the FF’s living purpose.

We are looking for someone to uphold the essence of this work, and dare to skillfully evolve its expression today.

This role operates as part of the overall Steward team and at Hub level. The Steward team in the FF hold the responsibility of the executive function for the organisation. As an applicant, it is important that you:

  • Are inspired and able to engage in the bigger picture of the FF’s work in the world at an organisational level.
  • Are able to bring a sense of leadership for your area of responsibility and hub, as well as act with awareness of the greater whole.
  • Have a sound understanding of the running of the organisation or are keen to learn this
    understand and feel mobilised by the movements and strategies that have emerged through the FF change process
    Responsibilities at steward level include:
  • Strategic development of the organisation in order to carry out its purpose in the world, including spiritual alignment and identity.
  • Ensuring sound practices & principles to support the wellbeing of the organisation, its co-workers and guests (financial, legal, H&S, community values)

    At Hub level, this role will oversee the running and development of the Living Core hub as a whole, and in particular its learning programmes. This is a very creative time in the organisation as there is both a strategy for evolving the Living Education programmes, and capacity to invest in this. In this role, you will:

    • Work closely with Living Core Services Steward (Rossana) to develop the overall hub.
    • Work closely with programme director to shape the core programme guest offering.
    • Be responsible for the learning journey and curriculum of the whole entry stream and its evolution.
    • Be responsible for overall strategic development and sound running of LC programmes.
    • Line manage the teams that deliver Living Education programmes (all guest department, LCG, Intake stream, ‘Eco-stream’, Spiritual deepening)
    • Ensure that staff are adequately trained to fulfill their functions well.
    • Focus on creating a strong environment for ongoing transformational learning journey from guest through to staff threshold and focalisation (culture, trainings, living learning environment)
    • Set, track and work to hub 3-5 year objectives and priorities, including guest and financial targets

    This position reports to the Lead Steward Camilla Pedersen.

    This is a full time residential or non-residential staff position in the FF. Applying for this role requires a minimum time commitment of 3 years, that you are a current or former FF staff member with ideally 5 years and team focalisation experience. You have ideally worked with designing and delivering transformational learning programmes and have a strong intuitive sense of and capacity to articulate the workings of the transformational learning journey. You work well with line managing and leading teams to deliver a vision.

    For a more detailed job description and criteria, or a further conversation please contact Camilla, Rossana ([email protected]) or Adele ([email protected]). Written application outlining your motivation and qualifications for this role along with CV to be sent to Camilla ([email protected]) by COB Friday 15 June. Pre interview conversation with eligible applicants will be held with LC learning group, before an interview with Camilla & Rossana. The successful applicant will invite support from the Living Core hub in a meeting shortly after their interview. Start date as soon as possible with a trial period of 6 months (including 3 month review).

    Additional Expressions of Interest
    As we are seeking to form a team to develop and evolve our programmes, we invite expressions of interest from people with relevant experience and interest in this opportunity.